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'real life as a live tutor to learn'; knowledge gained from experience or books

amirmasoud 1 / -  
Jan 6, 2012   #1
From the moment that human kind found out it is strongly necessary to struggling to be alive, learning has been the basic and vital area that human have dealt with; it was necessary to continue generation and provide needs. Abviously the early human did have no access to book or some other educational tools such as which we have had in contemporary time, so it could be implied that they use the trial and error techniques spontaniously to find out how they would survive themselves, so experience have been the most important and basic tools for human to learn.

In my point of view, although we have to be thankful for all books and documents that we can use for learning in various areas, it does not mean that the best way for learnig is studying books. Because all issues in books are provided by someone that has experienced them, so certainly he/she has discovered some important results from his/her experience, then publish a book or papers for others to study and learn.therefore all people have opportunities to attention to their even ordinary daily experince to learn new things, and let others to know about their experience.

Moreover, although studying and reading books could make you be more knowledgeable, it is not enough to just rely on books, as most of the time they include general and theorical issues, but in some cases you have to learn by practice. For instance, a carpenter should know about his materials or measure tools in his career, so he can read some relative books to get knowledge about these issues, but how he would be able to make a bookshelf without practice or experience. So, because of that in all colledges and universities we have many practical cridits in labratories to learn theories empirically.

In conclusion, reading books could make you more knowledgeable, but the real life and its practical features could be a live tutor for people to learn many things from other's experience that are more tangible and memorable for them.

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