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The Reasons and Results of Pollution

May 14, 2011   #1
Nowadays, pollution is one of the biggest concerns of both the public and different governments. The consequences of pollution caninfluence even destroy creatures' habitat and it cannot be changed for a long period of time and it may even be fatal.

Industrialization is causing pollution in a big degree. In the process of industrialization, ships, trains, automobiles, and airplanes emerged. Each of them consumes fossil fuels, which burn and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, industrialization means more factories that produce polluted water, air and other industrial waste to the environment.

Despite the efforts made by some unprofitable institutions, industrialists and governments' behaviors are more significant because ceasing pollution from the very beginning isthe most fundamental in order to prevent the degeneration of the environment. However, industrialists emphasize more on profit rather than the habitat of the people. Governments focus on the degree of urbanization and industrialization of regions, but they ignore the quality of people's life.

Citizens are also responsible for the pollution. They are unaware to conserve and protect their habitat. They need to do more for the catalogue of trash; they need to make full use of the public transportation, they should refuse to work for factories which will produce pollutions, and they should spare nosome effort to prevent governmentin introducing companies that would pollute the environment.

If industrialists, governments, and people do not do something to prevent the degeneration of the pollution, all creatures on the earth will be influenced.

Firstly, the pollution may make habitats unsuitable to live in anymore. Thus, animals and human beings will lose their habitats. Human beings may move to other habitats and they can get used to live there but some animals will extinct because of the loss of habitats. Secondly, people may have to drink unclear water and eat food produced from polluted earth if the water and ground are polluted.

To prevent pollution, citizens, governments and industrialists must take their own responsibility. With these efforts, we may have clearer water to drink, fresher air to breathe, and more balanced biological circles to live in.

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May 14, 2011   #2
Greetings !

(hardly can be seen ..using because in the beginning of the sentence. You may say "This is because"...Because ceasing pollution from the very...

Your essay is very interesting.


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