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How to reduce air pollution in our Mongolian city? Pure air importancy for people's health

How can we reduce air pollution levels in our city?
Without pure air anybody can't breathe also any one wouldn't be live here. One of the most important thing to live is pure air. Even we can't see, taste, listen but we just can breathe by it, so we need to protect our nature. Day by day our Mongolian air pollution is soaring to damage level which influence people's health. So our teenager and youth have to change and decide this problem. We need to make following numeral things in order to reduce air pollution.

First, people have to reduce using old car and put high tax for importing car in custom. Using old car is ... out chemical substances into air. More than 70 percent of air pollution causes from car utaaaaaaaaaaa. Instead of using old car people would better using hybrid car.

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