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Regional household recycling rates - MY FIRST IELTS WRITING TASK 1

Tria170393 1 / 2 1  
Dec 30, 2019   #1

describing a line graph

The line graph gives information about the percentage of regional household recycling rates in UK, France and Germany from 2005 to 2015. Overall, it can be seen that UK and Germany experienced a dramatic increase, while France fell noticeably.

In the beginning, France stood at the highest position compared by the other countries at about 50%. Furthermore, the graph witnessed a plunge in the next 7 years and hit a low level at 30%. However, the figure climbed significantly and peaked at 40% in the last period.

The rates of household recycling in UK and Germany shared the same pattern. In 2005, the former stood second about 35%, but in the last period it reached the highest percentage of household recycling rates at little more than 60% and changed France position. The latter revealed the steady rise throughout the period. Even though, in the first year the latter stood at the lowest rank about 20% it peaked the second rank at little less than 60%.

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Jan 10, 2020   #2
I can tell that you understood the graph; however, you have a few grammatical errors.

"Furthermore, the graph witnessed a plunge": Since a graph is not sentient, it is considered awkward to use "witnessed" in this context, or any action verb, for that matter.

"Furthermore, France witnessed a plunge": possible alternative

"In 2005 the former stood at around 35%.: Don't forget to add "at"

... about 35%, but in the last period it reached the highest percentage of ... : This is a bit of a run-on sentence. I would make the second clause (", but ...") its own sentence. --> "However, in the last period..."

"changed France position": a little awkward and grammatically incorrect
"switched positions with France": possible alternative

"Even though, in the first ...t rank at about 20%, it peaked at the second ...: Just little things.

Overall, great job!
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,860 2640  
Jan 13, 2020   #3
Try to write at least 3 sentences for every paragraph. That way you increase the word count and your chance at increasing your vocabulary and coherence score. Avoid using words that connote uncertainty in this essay. If you review the graph very well, you will see that you did not have to say "about 50%" because the graph was right on the 50% mark. The word "about" indicated uncertainty when the data presented was accurate in the graph. Since the graph has specific years indicated, you should use the years indicated rather than again, going for the uncertain word presentation of "seven years". This task is all about the accuracy of your data presentation. Don't take shortcuts. Make sure to summarize the report accurately at all times.

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