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Report on the layouts of the ground floor of a museum.

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Jun 11, 2022   #1

summarise the information from the plans

The two given plans illustrate how the ground floor of a museum looked like in 1990 and two decades later.

Overall, there were significant changes in the twenty year period, with the repurposing of the archaeology gallery area and the addition of newer facilities to be the most striking features.

In 1090, the ground floor of the museum consisted of an archaeology gallery and a local history room to the left of the entrance and the office, natural history room and the gift shop to the right. Additionally at the opposing side of the entrance were the stairs and a statue.

The layout, however changed significantly by the 2010. The archaeology gallery, for starters, was replaced by the children's interactive zone and poster display area, both of which were sepearted by a wall. Furthermore, a café was added to the gift shop, resulting in a slight increase of its size. The reception counter and the statue were moved from the original locations, the former closer to the entrance and the latter more to the center. Finally, a lift was also installed between the café and and the natural history room.

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Jun 11, 2022   #2
The summarized information should contain all specific year references. Do not use alternative year references at this point since the information is still being laid out for the reader to understand. Do not make it a habit to continue using the class taught outline format for the summary presentation as these are mere learning tools but should be removed once one begins to write academically. The summary overview should be combined into one paragraph of 3-5 sentences. This is how one can gain a higher task accuracy score.

Information accuracy was negatively affected by errors in the presentation that were overlooked by the miter. What does 1090 refer to? Such lack of writing review shows that the writer has run out of writing time during the test. He submitted a rough draft rather than final copy for scoring. Better time allotment is a must to avoid such errors.

Paragraphs must be uniform in length. No paragraph can be comprised of 2 sentences. That is a non-academic presentation and will affect the C + C and GRA scores. All paragraphs must meet the 3-5 analytical sentence requirement.
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Jun 11, 2022   #3
Your input is highly appreciated and will be considered when writing the next essay. Will it, however, receive a passing mark or am I way off it?

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