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IELTS 2: Is it the right choice to place smokers in open areas rather than in public places?

ichatea07 27 / 24 10  
Feb 20, 2016   #1
In some countries it is now illegal to smoke in public places. It is only fair that people who wish to smoke should have to leave the building. Do you agree or disagree?

As years become more stressful sometimes, many people decide smoking as their escapes to release thoughtful and complicated minds. Thus, this trend is now popular among mankind. However, a lot of countries discourage it and provide outdoor zones to allow smokers light their cigars. In this case, I agree that banning smoking can be justified since it surely has tendencies to threaten health status and destroy buildings with fire.

Smoking has various adverse effects on human's health status. This illegal behavior can worsen the quality and endurance of human's metabolism, cells and several vital organs in body, including the effect for passive victims that can be formed as a cancer. The World Health Organisation has campaigned in several times the action of anti-cigarette in many parts of the world by showing the truth of negative outcomes from smoking for passive smokers. Regards to this, I totally agree that in order to minimise the disadvantages of cigarette consumption among people who exposes its residue, every country should prohibit smoking in public areas.

A decision to smoke is a little destructive start of greater upcoming disasters which threaten people's comfort and safety. The lit cigars are potential to burn many objects that are fragile of fire. As what news reported in PosKota Indonesia, many gasoline stations and traditional markets had been burnt drastically until disable to be operated again due to a little light of fire in a thrown cigar. Therefore, that is a wise policy to illegalise smoking in public and facilitate the smokers with smoking spots.

To conclude, positioning smoking in the right place such as open air zones is encouraged since it could increase risks to other people's health and burn destructively many environments.
Riiskacha03 31 / 34 5  
Feb 21, 2016   #2
Hi Annisa, it seems like your essay do not discuss about the topic clearly. the topic is about the smoking in public area which is valued as illegal in many countries. however, what you explain in your writing is the negative effect of smoking towards human's body and its possible destruction which may occur.

please look at carefully of the topic before make you writing to make sure that the similar mistakes will not occur in the future.

Home / Writing Feedback / IELTS 2: Is it the right choice to place smokers in open areas rather than in public places?
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