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"The role of luck in our success" - When people succeed, is it because of hard work?

mahrou 16 / 14  
Feb 11, 2011   #1
All of us know about many successful persons that have lived in our country or other sides of the world. Also, we always earring about their efforts and perseveres to achieve their goals in life. So, I believe this is not the true statement that luck is the agent of success in our life.

Luck Is Helping Achieving Success

As I mentioned above, we know about many famous people and their approach for attaining success. Most of scientists and famous artists or musicians always have noted that they got to their position with hard working. They have failure more and more in their ways of success until they have able to achieve their goals. Therefore, we can't say that their success has been achieved by chance even though in few times having the luck help them getting their results or goals to succeed sooner than lacking of it.

On the other hand, when we decided to have succeeded we should do some things to gain what we want. For example if we want to get good scores in our exams, we should study hard and is not achieved this goal only with having luck. Hard working is the main agent of success in graduation for each professor and scientist and is the main reason of becoming stars for artists or musicians. Without attempting, none of them could become prosperous in their major field.

In conclusion, I think although having luck could help us in some ways to attaining our goal faster or easier but it not has merely the important role in our success. Thus, we should work hard without expectation of having luck in the way of achieving wishes and goals in our life.
Chim Can Cook 10 / 23  
Feb 11, 2011   #2
with hard working-> hard work
they have able -> are able
having the luck help ->having luck helps
is not achieved - (your subject is "we")
Hard working-> hard work
Without attempting-> without attempt
it not has-???

I think you need to pay more attention on your grammar and the use of words.
Overall, your points are ok but you need to elaborate more on them.
Additionally, you shoule\d work harder on vocabulary and expression.

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