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Writing Task 2 Sample for IELTS: Discussion and opinion about Internet

the role and effect of the Internet

In the recent century, myriad people rely on internet to attain information and to communicate each other. Even though, internet gives beneficial aspect but some people think it obtains drawbacks especially for finding information. This essay will discuss about the both views.

A lot of advantages of internet are preferable reason why people keep it to use it. The main factor is economical aspect. Internet provides cheaper fee even free, communication for instance. By using skype, teamviewer and other social apps, human may not spend their money for conveying their talking cost on internet.

On the other hand, internet remains disadvantages effects. Those aspect are mostly related to information. People are easy to access the internet, as a result many of them put much information on it without no filtering. This problem affects writing originality or we call it paraphrasing problem. Some of them just copy and paste data and it become immense obstacle on academic.

To sum up, in my opinion, people can not deny that they need effective and efficient way of their activities. Internet supports the necessary for them. By using internet, it means that we should more carefully to obtain information which is reduced by broad knowledge and learn much. So that, we can prevent from the false data or information.

Hi Mr. Baso
let me check your blanks

... rely on internetto attain information andtoit is haven't to add word "to" because there is the connector "and" communicate each other.

... why people keepit to useit. (pay attention with your pronoun ya)
Those aspect[b]S[/b] are mostly ...
This THESE problem affects ...
... and it becomeS immense obstacle on academic.
people can notcannot deny that they ...
Even though, internet gives beneficial aspect but ...

Even though the internet provides a lot of benefits, many people argue that there are some drawbacks about it, especially in terms of finding appropriate information.

This essay will discuss both views - Well, you haven't clearly presented the other point of view. You had to write -- Many people argue A, whereas others state B.

You should work on your vocabulary and your grammar.

Your ideas are great, but you struggled to present them in clear and appropriate way.

A lot of advantages of internet are preferable reason why people keep it to use it ---- The internet provides a lot of advantages and that is the reason why so many people prefer to keep using it. ----- That is not a good sentence, you should state the exact reasons why The internet is a good thing.

On the other hand, the internet remains disadvantages effects. - On the other hand, the internet has its bad sides.

Focus on reading - read a lot !!! From sample essay to books and articles. Look at how the sentences are constructed, be aware of the grammar that is used and at last learn every word that you don't know. Extract it, write it down on a piece of paper and learn it!

Good LUCK !

First of all, I think this article doesn't match the 250 words requirement. The body part (paragraph two and three) is too short and lack the support sentences for your point of view. For example, you mentioned that the information accessing is the main problem of the internet, then you talked about the paraphrasing problem, which made me confused what was the topic of this paragraph you would like to address.

Next, I found you used some difficult words which can show your ability in word management. This is really great!

Keep writing!!
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