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'the scale of new technologies is overwhelming' - IETLS 2: Technology is good or not?

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Jun 3, 2012   #1
Hi all,

This is my second essay recently. Hopefully I finish this on time but I am not sure about the quality. Please feel free to give comments. Thank you!!

Technology Problems and Government Solutions

Technology can bring many benefits, but it can also cause social and environmental problems. In relation to new technology, the primary duty of governments should be to focus on potential problems, rather than benefits. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the twenty-first centuries, it is evident that new technologies bring us uncountable advantages, and their downside are often deliberately ignored or untold by the mass media. To balance this, people suggest the government to concentrate on the negative concerns of these technologies first. I strongly agree with this view and this essay will address the arguments in detail. 59

The principal argument refers to the social aspect. Obviously, a lot of young people infatuate with their iphone or chatting apps too much, such that they lack contact with the others in the society. This results in a reduced ability to live or build up a decent relationship with their peers, which would be increasingly harmful to their future. To tackle with this, the government should draft some obligations such as parental guidances on usage of these devices. 78

Another strong argument comes to the environmental impact. Connecting back to the social aspect mentioned before, people might be considered not 'trendy' enough for not to purchase a new phone every year or even half a year. Iphone is a perfect illustration here, as iphone 4s came up only six months after the announcement of iphone 4. Consequently, the iphone 3 or its older versions will become electronic wastes and pose an enormous threat to the environment. The government have to consider the facilities to process these unwanted materials, or even contact some foreign companies to ship them away. The hidden cost, if not planned and handled seriously, would be skyrocketing high. 110

Some people argue that the benefits of new technologies are extremely clear, to name a few, conveniences, efficiency and effectiveness. However, the role of government is and always should be to control the impact before the disadvantages actually outweigh the advantages and become irreversible. 44

There could be merits and demerits in both side of the argument.In my opinion, I am convinced that the government should take initiatives to protect against potentially negative issues, since the scale of new technologies is overwhelming and citizens might not be able to discover the drawbacks before they actually encounter them. New obligations and rules would not only be essential, they ought to be carried out as soon as possible. 72

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