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Some school have special course for sports while others do not provide any of the kind.

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Nov 25, 2017   #1

sports courses in schools

when one observes what people of varying backgrounds discuss, the prominent topic usually about school. There are even some individuals who observes some educational institution offer sports course but others are opposite. Generally, I am more inclined to believe that sports course can provide some some opportunity for children to dig out potential skill and also learn teamwork.

One view is worth nothing is that sports course help students find out their hidden skill. In other words, they can obtain sports talent while they experience it. For example, one of the basketball celebrity Micheal Jordan was ordinary player when he was young, but he trained by himself since he go deeply into practice basketball skill. And finally he become famous all over the world. Thus, sports course is a way for students to discover their potential.

Another idea to take into consider is that learner can establish teamwork skill through join sports team. To explain, most type of sports provide various way to build teamwork together. To illustrate, basketball is one of the typical team work exercise exercise in the world, this is due to player can not play games by themselves. So everyone need to work together if they want to victory experience. Hence, students can learn how to work with team members in sports class.

On the contrary, the reason is that sports might make student feel exhausted after course. For instant, if students have regular course after swimming course, they will not able to concentrate on study since they use all the energy on swimming class. Moreover, it will make their score getting decrease. Therefore, if negative school performance are noticeable to consider, then sports course can be a kind of waste time activities.

To recapitulate, the issue on operated sports course have beneficial and disadvantage for students. Although sports course cause learners have lower school performance, but it helps them find out their potential skill and also develop their teamwork skill.

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Nov 25, 2017   #2
YU- HSIN, what is the prompt that you are responding to? I can sense that this is supposed to be an IELTS response essay. However, without the original prompt, it is impossible to review your paper for content and possible scoring. That is my guideline in determining your writing quality and your ability to express yourself in English. Kindly provide the prompt as soon as you can so that a more thorough assessment of your essay may be provided. By the way, I saw a glaring problem with your essay right off the bat. Please be conscious of the English sentence development rules that dictate that all first words in a sentence must be capitalized, along with all nouns in a sentence presentation. The connecting word "And" cannot be used to start a sentence either. As of now, I can only assess the formatting situation of your essay. If you supply the complete prompt, I might be able to come back and assess the content of your essay as well.
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Nov 25, 2017   #3
Hi Holt
Thanks for reply.
I am answering the question which is "Some school have special course for sports while others do not provide any of the kind. Do you think schools should have sports lessons?"

I agree to have sports course and also have three point in total. Two positive and one negative.
Thanks again for your kindly help.
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Nov 25, 2017   #4
Hi here are some points that i would like to point out.
in the second line ( individuals who )(observes) because individuals is plural noun.
in the third line of first paragraph ( some some)
how about (sports courses)
in the second paragraph first line ( hidden skills)
again in the first line ( in other words)
in the second paragraph third line ( since he go) ??? go
again in the same line ( he become)
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Nov 25, 2017   #5
Hi naseernasrati
Thanks for your advise :)
I will correct it now on my note

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