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TOEFL - Should schools focus more on teaching cooperation or on teaching competition?

hovan0201 5 / 3  
Sep 25, 2012   #1
In modern society, cooperation and competition are not applied separately but interactively and sometimes overlapped with each other. Therefore, education on cooperation and competition has become a controversial topic for ages. Should schools primarily teach students how to compete with others or should primarily teach students how to cooperate with others?

Some people spot that competition education should be more focused on because competitions take places every where at any time, and knowing how to win competitions is so useful for our later lives. For an instance, it will be an advantage of sport team if everyone is a good competitive member. Also, in business, competition is not only a barrel but also motive, a successful entrepreneur must be a clever contester.

On the other hand, many people believe that schools should more concentrate on teaching how to cooperate with others. This second group thinks that a man benefits a lot from successful cooperation. First of all, when we are in schools, good collaboration brings us more friends, better group studying and a lot of fun in extra-curriculum activities. Secondly, in working, cooperation is the key to fulfill common tasks, to complete assigned missions and to achieve organizational goals.

Personally, I find that I can not align my self completely with either group. I have some reservation about both positions. Good competition skills help me be more confident and active in harsh conditions while excellent cooperation skills bring me friendly and warm environment to study, work and survive. In general, it's not the issue that which should be focused more but it's how to teach students to smartly compete and cooperate at right times and right places.

hxuanhung 1 / 5  
Sep 28, 2012   #2
Your essay is pretty good. It's persuasive and well written. There are some minor errors

my self

-> myself

every where

-> everywhere

Keep going.

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