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A TOEFL topic essay, Should a professor focus on teaching or education?

bbw 1 / -  
Dec 13, 2011   #1
Topic: Some people think that a university professor should focus time on doing research; while
others think that the main role of a professor is to educate students in a university.
What is your opinion and why?

"Teaching and scientific research" always come together on the introduction of a university. Automatically
, they are inseparable works for the professors. Therefore, in my view, university professors should equally
attend to teaching and research.

first of all, no matter which one overtake time and thought of a professor, it will eventually affect
carrying on the other. It is generally considered that the less attention the professors pay, the more
pessimistic their students feel, and then followed by a dropping grade. In reverse, if professors soak into
the teaching entirely, their achievement would be less than stellar.

In fact, professors in today's university always have an assistant team, which is usually a group of senior
students, deal with elementary labratory works and help tutoring the students. This method allows an
interactive and accessible learning process among junior students and their senior fellows of similar age.
In the mean time, professors can constantly working on their ongoing researchs and keep up the syllabus by
supervising the assistant team. Additionally, web technology makes it more easier than a bustling professor.
Information and thoughts feedback and exchange almost simultaneously on the internal network of great
speed and free of charge.

Besides, scientific research requires a lot of information sharing and cooperation with the other universities.
Professors who don't get involve in it sufficiently, will not bringing those freshed and cutting-edge
knowledge back to their students. Recommended by the professors, some of their students can have the
opportunity participating in such program, they will benefit not only in learning but also in
their future professional path. Moreover, during closely connected with the students, professors are likely
to discover an out-of-box idea or even a future star which will in return contribute to their research.

In a word, with the help, professors can not just achieve a balance in teaching and scientific research,
these works promote each other either. In conclusion, teaching and scientific research are both worthy of
time and attention of an university professors.

ardak 2 / 6  
Dec 13, 2011   #2
It is good answer, but I will reccomend for you to make introduction more longer and write hook in the first sentence.

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