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Security vs freedom - living freely is much more important than security.

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Oct 4, 2014   #1
Which do you feel is more important in your life: security or freedom and independence? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

Having freedom and independence is the thing that everyone wants to achieve. Since it furnishes us with an unlimited journeys and experiences that security's life might not provide. As analysed above, I consider freedom and independence is more crucial.

Generally, being free means you have variety of choices in your life. Moreover, our life is so short to even envision about it. Consequently, it is really important to have freedom and independence simultaneously in order to fully relish the beauty of this world. Otherwise, you will feel regret once you become old because you have not indulge the freedom or independence. By way of illustration I can imagine people who live freely and travelling around the world to obtain additional knowledge rather than the person who live in a cage, scare that something would happen badly. Obviously, it is more beneficial to have freedom and independence. Of course, it really depends on the taste of the person. However, I firmly believe that the majority of people must concur with me.

More than that, it is all about having fun on this planet. Therefore, It is not the best circumstance dwelling in this world thinking about our safety. We all are heading toward one goal called happiness. In fact, it can only be obtained by enjoying our life, having family, kids, futures. Furthermore, to obtain those things freedom and independence must be included. For instance, our super stars, they always complaining about lack of happiness. It is perfectly understandable since people do not let them to truly expose themselves because living as star is really challenging, you always have to act in a right way. Otherwise, you will lose your fans. As a result, they feel pathetic and lonely at the same time.

By way of a conclusion based on the arguments explored above. Living freely is much more important then security. For the reason that you can not grab happiness and picturesque world without it. Without freedom and independence means restricting yourself to be happy in this miracle world.
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Oct 4, 2014   #2
Vns, while you offer a very good argument in support of your stand, you have failed to recognize the most important thing about this essay. You were provided with a trick question. A trick question is one that makes you choose between a number of choices, all of which you need to analyze for connections before you give your final answer. In this essay, you cannot have security and freedom without independence. Therefore, all 3 are important to the lives of people.

Consider the fact that there are countries all over the world currently fighting for their independence because they want to have security and freedom for their people. All of the factors considered, none of them can exist unless true independence is achieved. It is only through the existence of independence that freedom and security for individuals can be secured. Remember, an independent nation is a free nation. Freedom exists for them. Therefore, it also follows that the people feel secure in their surroundings, thus security then exists. Those three exist hand in hand and people in war torn nations all value those 3 aspects of their lives. Taking into consideration the overview that I have provided to you about this trick question, you may want to revise your answer to reflect the importance of all 3 rather than just choosing the 2 you have now which obviously cannot exist without freedom. I leave that decision up to you :-)

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