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See 2 pictures about Colwic Arts Center between 2005 and today

Minhcho 1 / -  
Jun 10, 2020   #1

Describing a place before and after the renovation

The 2 maps illustrate several renovation in Colwick Arts Center in 2005 and today. It is obvious that there are striking differences presented in both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas.

In terms of inside zone, over the period, extended buildings bring about extra facilities as well as additional choices for attenders of Arts Center. Firstly, the concert hall and cinema are separated into 2 adjacent blocks which occupy virtually the east of central area. In addition, the meeting room is in the similar case, which is split into 2 nearby rooms and relocated into the upper left-hand part of indoor area. Otherwise, 2 galleries were merged and moved to the opposite site. Finally, information desk seems to be the only thing remaining unchanged as the time goes on.

In reference to outside one, the conspicuous information is the presence of brand-new stage which is surrounded by plenty of lively trees. Over the time period, wasteland was spectacularly converted into green spacious grass where audiences could take a seat on available desks and enjoy compelling performances on the stage.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Jun 10, 2020   #2
While you did a good job of writing more than the suggested number of words, your failure to upload the image will prevent me from assessing your work in terms of data accuracy and instruction compliance. Always upload the image with the task 1 essay because that is a vital part of the assessment process for your work. All I can do now is review your grammar issues.

Plurality Issue: The 2 maps illustrate several renovation - ... several renovationS - the number 2 , the words maps, and several indicate a plural form of the word

Sometimes, simpler word references add more clarity to a sentence than an advanced word representation :
... and relocated = ... and moved...
... the time period = ... the period

Try to avoid words of uncertainty so that the importance of your topic is not lessened:
... occupy virtually the east of central... - ... which occupy the east...

Your grammar still needs work. However, your grammar problems do not lessen the ability to understand what you are saying. The only problem, is that I am unable to judge the accuracy of these problematic sentences because of the lack of image to compare the information with. That is why I need you to provide the image next time.
Osama0435 5 / 9 4  
Jun 10, 2020   #3

Hello I'm just a learner and I'm preparing my IELTS. I just discovered some mistakes in your essay and would like to give you some comments.

1. The 2 maps [two] I think it is better to write numbers in words instead of Arabic numbers.

2. I think if it is possible, you could also upload the image which is described in you essay.

3. Please remember to write an overview and put it into second paragraph. It could help you to score more in Task 1.

Best wishes,

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