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side effect to the society; Higher petrol price Vs Level of traffic & pollution

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Oct 9, 2012   #1
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Pollution and traffic are the two major concerns of every metropolitan city and every developing country. According to me the answer to the problem of pollution and traffic need to to be one. hence I dont totally agree with the concept of increasing prices of petrol will totally solve both our problems in the best way.

Taking into consideration the pollution factor, most of the contribution towards air pollution is truly done by vehicles and traffic jams but an increment in petrol prices would solve the problem only partially. Apart from vehicles we and our government should never forget thata major portion oof our industries depend on petrol for thier production purposes. If the fuel prices will hike, it will result into an uncrease in the price of their products, which in turn will effect the cost of living, thus disturbing the whole economy of the society.

Furthermore, when we take the other factopr "traffic" into picture, nowadays the automobile industries are already producing vehicles that use other fuels instead of petrol. So the main interest of reducing traffic, is still not met as people can go for vehicles that can run by other fuels hence letting the prolem persist.

Price hiking of petrol addresses both these problems partially at the same time giving rise to several other problems. Rather inflation in petrol prices our governtment should go for other paths like encouraging the automobile industries to produce vehicles using natural gas or LPG as fuel which contributes almost nill to the air pollution. Motivating people to get their cars serviced in every six months to keep the efficiency of the car intacke hence contributing less to the pollution system. As far as the traffic is concerned, a better traffic control system needs to be developed and implemented.

For conclusion it can be said that the problem of pollution and traffic needs a different angle of action. These methods can easily take down these two problems without causing any side effect to the society.

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