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Social media has completely changed the way family and friends communicate with each other.

THUY BACH 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2024   #1
Nowadays, social networking sites play an important role in our human life. It is true that media platform has appeared in almost all aspects of social life in a quick way. Besides, there are many reasons why social network can affect to communicate between an individual and people in society, which has more positive consequences than negative factors.

There are three main reasons why media platform may affect to conversations with each other as friends and members of family. Firstly, through social networking sites, people can talk directly by using Facebook, Zalo or WhatsApp and share their images. Furthermore, it is convenient to have a talk with friends around the world, so they cannot consider to geographical distance of their friends. Secondly, relying on social media websites, we can know almost what is happening to our friends, which help you may support them immediately when they are in need. Finally, the most memory of their relatives and beloved ones can be kept by these kinds of social media effectively.

Social networking sites, the advanced technology in the digital world, bring an individual surprising benefits they cannot imagine. One of the core positive effects that they can pay attention is to saving a large amount of time and money by using social websites. In fact, it is useful to have conversations online with friends, and important meetings with corporations without affording the fee of hiring a venue or decorating some conference. Furthermore, social media websites are known as informative constant sources of the world, because they have a tendency to update the latest topics. For instance, they are useful tools for looking up important proofs related to controversial arguments that people truly believe these contents. Besides, thanks to social media apps, launching online shops or online markets can adapt to the needs of people's consumption online today, helping ordinary people earn revenue to afford their basic necessities. That is the reason why models of the more popular online businesses have become and developed, the more people use social media networking for business.

On the other sides, accessing social networking also exist several of negative points that cause to obstacles to users. The first thing will be mentioned is that cyberbullying. This leads to the stage of harassing and bullying others online and victims of cyberbullying have to be faced with severe emotional stress, low self-esteem, obsession and even suicide. For example, cyberbullies can harass people without facing any consequences by using the anonymity function. The second negative factor is the spread of misinformation on social media networking. Actually, some of the information with fake content is easily quickly shared on social media platforms, which brings consequences as distrust about friends, and relatives, loss of guided leadership or harm to public trust in institutions.

In conclusion, it is worthwhile for social media sites to have an impact on the development of society, specifically having online conversations with each other around the world. Social media can allow people to talk freely, tighten their relationships and save almost all their memories, so it becomes a useful platform that people use. Besides, the term of advantages of social media networking outweigh the disadvantages elements.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,787 4778  
Mar 28, 2024   #2
You have not taken the writing time allowance into consideration with this essay presentation. It will be impossible for you to write more than 500 words during a 40 minutes writing task. You are expected to draft, edit, review, finalize, then submit the essay. That is why you are taught to write between 275 and 300 words for this task. Simply writing a long essay is not going to help you pass the test because in an actual setting, several failing score inducing scenarios could happen:

1. The essay becomes open-ended. It does not have a conclusion because you wrote too much and did not reach a concluding paragraph. Auto fail.
2. The essay is so long but written within the time frame of 40 minutes. No editing and revision was done. Grammar errors and other mistakes remain in the essay. Points will be deducted from specific scoring sections. Failing score.

3. The essay veers off topic in discussion due to the length. Auto fail.

Stick to a shorter and more concise essay presentation to avoid these possible failing scenarios.

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