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Social media vs politicians and their impact on the public - IELTS TASK 2

Diandin16 9 / 10  
Apr 3, 2016   #1
Recent research has show that media like the internet and TV have greater influence over people's live than politicians.
Give your answer and include any relevant examples from own knoledge or experience.

Televion and internet are media surround wide range and can provide millions of people with information simultaneously. Even thought some people have another opinion that goverment more influential in the public society. Although both ideas are uttery acceptable to some extend, I would agree that media accomplish bigger effect on public decisions.

The ubiquity of television and internet, have contributed the power of media to influence public. This is because most effect of media is controls what the public perceive and hears about. A 2011 recent study of International Journal of Humanities and Social Science reveals that public perception was mostly in the favor of nation that media highlighted the issue in a much better way and the coverage was constructive towards restoration. So it is recommended that media not only provide information to general public but it can be used as a tool to mobilize people for specific issues in bringing up a change in the society.

On the other hand, A campaign of press visit directly encountered a society more effectively reassure the public. This is because the society directly see how a politician demonstrated leadership abilities in the community. In Sidoarjo, Jokowi Widodo Excel Prabowo Subianto by receiving 550,726 votes. Whereas Prabowo Hatta getting 464.893 votes. Chairman of PDIP Sidoarjo, Imam Supi claims that victory because the campaign Jokowi using impromptu field visit (blusukan) methods, including visit directly to the area of Lapindo mud and often walked around public markets and squares in listening to community problems. It is clear that direct communication by politician can not be neglected to influence community.

The aforementioned evidence shows that politicians more effective affect society using communication directly or the campaign down the field. However, its argued that media also has pivotal role in influencing public perceptions. In my view, i affirm that the media such as television and internet are more influence with public opinion because society absorbs whatever the media depicts and the media is the main source of information for us common people.
nelarizka79 16 / 21 1  
Apr 3, 2016   #2
Hi, I'd like to share several correction toward your essay. I'll try my best

Televion and internet are media surround wide [...] accomplish bigger effect on public decisions.

I think it would be better if you write it like this.

I extremely agree that the newest study reveals that the Internet and television have bigger role in convincing the human being rather than the politicians.

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