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Which source is more important? experience or books? TOEFL iBT

faheddarmoch 4 / 5  
Aug 14, 2013   #1
It has been said, " not everything that is learned is contained in the books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained form experience with knowledge gained from books. In you opinion, which source is more important? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer?

Actually, Comparing to important things and trying to choose one of them is really tough. Because in my opinion, it is impossible to gain knowledge from one source, since life is a like a puzzle, every part of this puzzle complete the other part to reach a perfect and complete picture at the end. So, considering knowledge from one source (books alone or experience alone) will not make the person fully understand his field thus most of the medical schools make sure that their students attend 3 years of theoretical subjects gaining knowledge from books and after that, same time (3 years) is being spent rotating in the hospitals to gain enough experience that make them well qualified to treat diseased people in real life.

Another things to mention that confirm the equality of the experience and gaining knowledge from the books that, most of the companies, if not all of them, are heading recently toward choosing most competitive applicants who apply for jobs in their companies, and in all companies consideration , the applicant become more competitive comparing to others when he has in addition to, the high scores in college and the requested exams that make him eligible for job application , is the years of experience he got before applying to that job, and most of the applicants will be dismissed and will not be included in the screening if they did not have enough experience.

At the end, once source knowledge is not enough anymore in our rapid changing world and most of the universities and college trying to add a practical part to their theoretical subject because they realize how much important is providing their student with the experience and it make understanding any educational material easier to understand and even can make the students dive into the fine details of that subject or maybe they could participate one day in discovering more advanced methods or new ideas that was not recognized by others before.
fahadbd 25 / 56 5  
Aug 15, 2013   #2
One source of knowledge is not enough anymore in our rapid changing world.(end) andThe majority of the universities and collegesare trying to add a practical part

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