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Students learn better when they are not threatened with possible failure. Do you agree or disagree.

essen 1 / 1  
Jul 18, 2016   #1
i would appreciate if someone could help me with this essay. The topic of the essay follows like this:

"Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Students learn better when they are not threatened with possible failure.
Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion."

Everybody might not find learning easier. The process or methodologies of learning differ from person to person. Some student might get better off with learning when they realize about the possible failure where as some might get nervous and might do worse than expected. I believe a student should be told about every aspect of life, even failure but they should not be threatened other wise instead of motivating they get demotivated.

Not every individual in the universe are same, regarding this fact the way some student get motivated might be different form other students. Some students might find failure a impetus. Whenever they realize of a possible failure their body fills them with adrenalin which gives them energy to overcome any impedance. But for other, like me , failure means the end. Instead of getting motivate i get panic and my body functions differently and abnormally which hinders my learning whenever i am threatened with failure.

Similarly, for most of procrastinator, failure might be a ringing bell. They start do much better and fills them with self motivation and self discipline when they think of the deadline or are threatened with failure. For example, one of my friend who was a master procrastinator and never submitted his assignment in time when threatened by a teacher of lower grade unexpectedly submitted all his work on time. But on the other hand, for some people instead of threatening them they should be told politely and in a good manner to help them learn much better especially a student like me.

So, at last, i would like to say that, when threatened with failure some might find it helpful. Personally, for me, i learn better if i am, handled with love and care rather than showing me the fear of failure or threatening me.
Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Jul 18, 2016   #2

Your text is comparatively well written, but you should consider rephrasing some sentences in it (for stylistic reasons) as follows:

Everybody [...] Not everyone may find learning easy.
The process [...] What adds to the issue is that every person must be taught in a manner most suitable for him or her.
Some students [...] are motivated to study by their realization of what might happen if they fail, in this respect. For others, however, the prospect of an educational failure does not represent much of a motivation at all.

instead of [...] being motivated, they will end up discouraged.
Not every [...] This sentence is rather unintelligible... You could just say : 'Because every person on this Earth is unique, there can be no universally applicable incentives for learning.

Whenever [...] When facing the prospect of failure, these students experience adrenalin rush, which in turn helps them to complete their academic assignments.
getting motivate i get panic [...] becoming motivated I get panicky... and my body begins to function differently...
for most of procrastinator [...] for most procrastinators...
They start do [...] feel much better motivated when...
or are [...] when...
one of my friend [...] friends...
and never [...] and who used to never submit his assignments on time, would act much differently upon being threatened by a teacher.
But on the other hand [...] On the other hand, however, there are students (like myself) who prefer to be encouraged to study in a polite and non-threatening manner.

Personally, for me, i learn better [...] I personally learn better when... [...] rather than when exposed to the prospect of failure.

I hope this helped. Regards.
kantyjang 8 / 15  
Jul 19, 2016   #3
Some students might get better off with learning when they realize about...

Not every individual in the universe areis same,.R egarding this fact the way some students get motivated might ...

...and so on.

My English is not very well. I am still learning now.
So I can just find this some small mistakes.
I hope we can learn from each other more.

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