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IELTS -- Students learn more from teachers than from other sources (internet or TV)

bingle2012 7 / 11  
Jul 15, 2012   #1
Modern technology has always been improving the way we learn. A particular change is the increase of sources where knowledge and information can be gained. Although the new forms of learning methods can by no means replace traditional teaching, I believe they are useful supplementary to the existing ways of education delivery.

Admittedly, the unique role of teaching forms such as lectures, seminars and tutorials is irreplaceable as of now. What they do are far beyond imparting knowledge. More important tasks such as fostering group discussion, presentation and other useful skills are achieved in classes as well, which none of the new learning methods can provide.

Nevertheless, new technology can sometimes be more effective in terms of acquiring information. Television, for example, although usually viewed as a device for entertainment, can in effect serve educational purposes as well. Programs such as documentaries, in particular, when produced by experts in related fields and with materials presented in graphic details, can lead to comprehensive understanding of the viewers on the related topics. Equally importantly, they may be more interesting to watch than the typically dull lectures.

Internet, the relatively new, convenient source of information, has become a standard form of learning facility for students today. Search engines such as Google seem able to provide any information the searcher needs, whereas in discussion forums, answers from specialists can be expected for virtually any questions.

In conclusion, although it is no doubt that teachers still play a key role in students' academic life, new ways of learning are getting increasing popularity in this age of information. A learner is thus encouraged to adopt both if they expect a satisfactory outcome.

PvtValley 2 / 3  
Jul 15, 2012   #2
I think,
"has been changed the ways we learn" is appropriate than "improving.."
"the increase of sources.." => "the incease of using sources like TV or the Internet, where almost all information can be found"

" are getting more popular in the age if information"

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