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Many students have to study subjects which they do not like.

HamidNajafi 1 / -  
Dec 9, 2018   #1

is it a waste of time?

Numerous subjects are instructed in schools which do not appeal to pupils to the extent that some researchers doubt their productivity. I opine that consuming time on teaching such syllabus, either the arts or the science subjects, doubtlessly is not useless.

For the lessons related to science, it would be rational to educate the curriculum to the learners which is of the practical skills in their future life. While the students grow up gradually, the communal life will dictate them learning about the proficiencies they need as an adult individual. To exemplify, they are expected to be able to do mathematical calculations which is considered as a fundamental capability. Besides, despite the fact that the trainees might be unwilling to be taught about the lesson like physics initially, but they will definitely need to be sufficiently trained in primary courses if they decide to major it in the university. As a result, since this is not useless to instruct these lessons in primary education system since the pupils will benefit the opportunity in future to choose among different majors for the tertiary educations.

For the subjects related to the arts, apart from the reality that they need them for further educations in university, one's general information is also a matter of paramount importance. The knowledge about the geography and culture of a nation is as significant as learning about math and physics. History of each country is treasured worldwide and everyone had better be sufficiently aware of this invaluable inheritance. The humanities such as religious lessons would be highly valued for it forms part of the identity of the student in a society in which the religion connects and unites the people together. Literature and language helps children to learn how to express himself or herself and this is a quality that is important in the workplace and as a workforce in future.

To sum up, while some people believe that it is not worth spending time on teaching the subjects which are not of student's interest and deem it as useless, it was outlined above that instructing such lessons in the school has proved to be productive and efficient since such area of knowledge assists the pupils to succeed in their later life.

Pat94 1 / 1  
Dec 9, 2018   #2

Firstly, is this a single sided discussion or is it supposed to show critical appreciation and understanding of the two ideas presented here?

In any case, I think your assay would sound more informative if you compared and critiqued your ideas by showing benefits of both specializing at an early age and just teaching a curriculum that lays a foundation for daily proceedings in future.

Also, with some of the points you give, I suggest you lay an existent example "benchmark kind of" of a similar practice and outcome. It would sound more convincing as compared to just giving speculations.
sillyman2000 19 / 42 9  
Dec 9, 2018   #3
Hi. Your essay was really excellent in the quality of vocabulary and grammar usages, and I am sure to learn a lot from you. But I don't know what the topic is about? You need to provide it so that I can fully give you feedback on the Task Achievement part.

And also, this is a very long essay in the IELTS task 2. I think you should not be greedy about giving information, or you will not have enough time to finish the task. Try to write "shorter but sweet" next time. You were too wordy on this essay though. You should read more about the IELTS Writing instruction to have a better glimpse of this test.

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