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IELTS WRITING: university students should study a full range of subjects or specific

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Topic : It is argued that university students should study a full range of subjects, instead of some specific subjects. Discuss

Some people believe that in the rapidly changing world, students should learn a wide variety of subjects in order to become flexible while others claim that student should concentrate on specific subjects which are relevant to their career in the future. My essay will shed light on both sides of this issue.

First of all, It is clear that learning a great number of subjects has positive effects on students' future.To maximize their economic edge, Employers show a tendency to recruit candidates who may do various works. Therefore, graduates who accumulate experience and skills from many subjects can attract the eye of recruiters rather than those specializing in some subjects. For example, In Viet Nam, A bank clerk is required to have knowledge about lots of fields, ranging from finance, accounting to management. However , being forced to study too much, students may lose their interest in learning and hardy discover what they truly want in their life.By contrast, no sooner have they focused on specific subjects than they can come up with revolutionary ideas to change the world, like the case of Thomas Edison.

Another reason in favor of the former idea is that by studing a high complexity of subjects, students will receive a comprehensive education.Not only do they learn academic subjects like Mathematics,English but also study arts,music. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that if univerities encourage learners to bury themselves in different areas of knowledge, they have inadequate time to take part in physical activities which are conducive to their health improvement. That's why the sedentary life is more prevailing.Equally important, with know-how being gained from specific subjects, graduates tend to become productive working people and are likely to find out solutions to tricky problems rapidly.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons in encouraging students to learn a full range of subjects. I strongly believe that for sake of a bright career prospect, learners should divert their attention to specific areas of knowledge which are relavant to their future jobs

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