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Summary article :Human sperm grown in a lab in the first time

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Sep 19, 2016   #1
According the French scientists, it informs the first time they make human spermatozoa from testicular cells called spermatogonia for giving either treatment for childhood cancer or decide to have children in future life. The company has to pursue their project because Kallistem obtain a patent for the method, unfortunately it failed to convince skeptics at that time. Actually, Chinese and Japanese researchers have done with using mouse sperm before.

Durand, one of researcher who recognizes this project, told that the necessary thing is a bioreactor in which bundles of somniferous tubules of testes that contain of spermatogonia. it has packaged inside tiny cylinder called "Chitosan". The substances include a precise blend of nutrients, vitamins, hormones and growth factors that diffuse through to the cells and coax them to mature, the process takes 72 days and the tests to do are currently under way. Lastly, Durand said if all the process supported by company it takes 4 years to see the result.

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Sep 19, 2016   #2
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According [to] the French scientists

spermatogonia for[to]giving[give] either treatmen

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