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[task 1] The table give information about the underground railway systems in six countries

odysey 1 / -  
Mar 15, 2023   #1
Hi. I'm trying to improve my writing. Hope that someone can correct my writings. Thank you!

The given table depicts data on the underground railway networks in six metropolitans.

Overall, the newer the railway system, the shorter the designed length, with the only exception seen in Los Angeles's system. While London's networks opened sooner than any other city and had the longest route, Tokyo has the highest number of passengers per year.

Opening in 1863 and covering 394 kilometers, London's railway is the oldest and longest of the six systems. Although Paris's and Tokyo's railway systems were constructed later and designed shorter than London's, their annual passenger numbers are higher, at 1191 and 1927 million people, respectively.

Kyoto and Los Angeles were the last two of these cities that had railway systems. These two networks also have the shortest routes, with 11 and 28 kilometers respectively, and welcome around 50 million passengers annually. Compared to the two networks mentioned above, Washington DC railway routes have 126 kilometers in length and 144 million yearly passengers.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Mar 16, 2023   #2
Try to complete the summary overview next time. When you indicate that a table has been provided, consider that information is provided in a reverse L form. Each side, the first column and the first row information should be clearly listed and properly referenced as separate information sources. This is necessary for the reader to understand the content of your trending statement later on. Use 2 sentences to provide each information source.

Reporting paragraphs are not fully developed. With only 158 words written, you have only managed to meet the writing requirement but, you have missed the opportunity to fully analyze and explain the content of the image. Both of which would have increased your final score. Paragraphs should have at least 3 sentences in them. You cannot use only 2 compressed sentences per paragraph. If you write up to 5 sentences per paragraph, you will maximize your overall scoring marks.

Home / Writing Feedback / [task 1] The table give information about the underground railway systems in six countries
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