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Table task 1 about the route of underground railway system

anita11 28 / 20 2  
Feb 21, 2016   #1
The breakdown of the figure regarding the number of route kilometer of underground railway and the figure of passengers per year, counted in millions in six cities from the 1800s to 2000s is illustrated by the table. Overall, London was the first city which had tube transport system whilst Los Angeles became the metropolitan area which had recent subway scheme.

According to the data, the only one of subway system was built in London in 19th century. It also had the furthest route, though the number of passengers was 775. However, this was different from Paris which had almost 2000 passengers. Therefore, the railway of London was twice as many as that of Paris which had been built in 1900.

In other continents, the first underground railway was constructed in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, which interestingly has the highest passengers at two thousands. Nevertheless, its route was less than a half as many as London. In the other city, Kyoto, railway line was constructed in 1981 and had the minimum of passengers as well as the shortest path. In addition, the US citizens had underground transport in 1927 and the newest railway system was built in Los Angeles in 21 century.

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Feb 21, 2016   #2
Writing about visual representations might be the most difficult kind of writing, but you did very well with this. It's difficult because the purpose of using a visual representation is to express something that cannot as easily be express with words. It might be good to begin this essay with a sentence to explain what the underground railway is all about. When you talk about continents it's better to say on other continents instead of saying in other continents. At the end, it might be good to add one last sentence as a final thought to wrap up your discussion of the figure. Great job!

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