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Taklimakan Desert - dominated by sand dunes and extreme conditions and free from vegetation

Dioba 68 / 104 7  
Sep 14, 2016   #1
IELTS SUMMARY 2 :Plant Life in the Taklimakan Desert

Almost domination by sand dunes, free of vegetation and extreme conditions, makes the Taklimakan Desert become one of the most extreme desert on Earth. Only three plants can survive, there are Popullus euphratica , Tamarix ramosissima and Alhagi sparsifolia. Every resilient desert plants have strategies for survival. Populus euphratica can survive because not only control evaporation with opening and closing the stomata mechanism, but also endure high-salt concentrations with dilutes mechanism. Different from Populus euphratica, Tamarix ramosissima or commonly called tamarisk has root system can take up water in underground. Tamarisk also has unique mechanism. That is dropping salt to the soil which it produces from accumulation salt on the glands. The purpose is make the soil around of tamarisk more salty,so another plant can not live. Same as Tamarisk mechanism, Alhagi sparsifolia also has roots with developed strategies with hydraulic conductance mechanism.
arisandy14 7 / 11 1  
Sep 14, 2016   #2
hay, Dioba. after reading your work, i have some advice that is perhaps useful for you. In the first sentence, in my opnion, your subject is unclear (or nothing subject), but you put two verbs (makes and become). it is totally wrong becuase 1 subject must have 1 verb. it also happens in the following sentences in which you write.then, the word "Different from" cannot be become the subject because it is adjective, so you have to replace to be 'it is different". the other problem too appears in word "The purpose is make". it is clearly unclear tenses. however, yuo have to change become "The purpose makes" or "The purpose is making". well, that all.. thanks.

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