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Teaching children of different abilities; 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

jellyfish Roy 1 / 1  
Sep 15, 2011   #1
Ielts- Some people argue that teaching children of different abilities together benefits all of them. Others be;ieve that intelligent children should be tought seperately and

given special treatment. Discuss both views and how do you think about it?

What is the difference of genious children comparing with ordinary children? Shoud they recieve the special education exceptionally? The study of the way to teach

intelligent children has surveyed for many years now. In this essay, I will analysis both side about this problem.

To begin with, some people have arguments that intelligent children Should be tought seperately and give special treatment. There are several reasons of these opinion.

Firstly, the genious is obiously diffrent from other children. Although their appearence is same comparing with their freinds,, their knowledge is superior than peers. They

are able to get a lot of knowledge as well as contribute to their country. For this reason, the society gives seperated place and education to enhance their abilities.

Secondly, the genious might be suffered from the class. For exemple, one smart child already might understand about one's class. They would feel boring in their class.

On the other hand, there are oppsite opinions that they are also tought in same class with all of them. Tomas A. Edison said "Geious is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." it means the genious not different. In addition, the briliant child is not mature emotionally. Therefore they are likely to be hurt, when they are studing with other older students or scholars. Moreover they can feel lonely in that thay are differentfrom others. Many people hope that they not only become famous scholar but also will find new priciples or theories. these might make them pressed.

In conclusion, people have different thinking about the education about genious children. In my view, depends upon their mind. Let them be themselves.
beskate 2 / 5  
Sep 15, 2011   #2
In IELTS you cannot really stay on neutral side. You have to be 30/70, this is the best way to get high mark. Your negative statement is quite strong, I suggest you to stick with it, and in conclusion talk about your negative opinion that children with certain abilities should stay in class.

It is also better if you write introduction as a prose not in the form of questions and say what are you going to talk about in the essay and what conclusion is going to be.

Good luck :)
soshianes 1 / 1  
Sep 15, 2011   #3
There are lots of spelling mistakes ..At the first, please put your text in Word software and correct them. After your edit, it's possible to give some points.
OP jellyfish Roy 1 / 1  
Sep 15, 2011   #4
I really appreciate your detail advice.

I usually feel hard in intro and conclusion. I will carefully consider about it! Thanks beskate!


Thanks soshianes. I can think about modification using Microsoft word program.

I started the writing from two month ago. So I need a lot of exercise. Thansk for your advice. :)

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