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IELTS Writing Task 2: Do you think that the advantages of social media outweigh the disadvantages?

writingbuddy888 1 / -  
Mar 11, 2019   #1

Do the benefits of social media outweigh the harms?

Advancement in technology have greatly affected interactions within the communities. Although, online communications are well known across all age groups nowadays, there are risks identified in providing individual identifiable data on the world wide web. The writer will further discuss why the advantages outweighs the disadvantages of online interactions.

To begin with, online communications have undeniable negative effect on personal and public communications. Due to the speed in transmitting information online, individuals nowadays have the ability to instantly spread unverified information to millions of people in just one click of a button. This is a serious concern in communities who receives false emergency warnings which alarms citizens causing panic that may result to physical injuries and emotional stress. While, on personal communications, exchanging messages online are seen as an impersonal alternative to face to face interactions, with emphasis when an individual sends out electronic mails or instant messages a greeting instead of joining relatives or close friends on a special day personally.

On the other hand, exchanging messages online makes communications among families separated due to overseas employment easy. Family members abroad now have the ability to check with their loved ones anytime and instantly. While government and private agencies serving the public can utilize the speed in transmitting information across the world wide web to spread verified emergency preparedness/awareness information and news to the citizens. Moreover, the convenience of sharing information online, provides the ability to introduce their culture to other nationalities on the internet.

In conclusion, advantages of social media outweigh its disadvantages that brings more value to the society as a whole.
coke 14 / 28 13  
Mar 11, 2019   #2
Hello writingbuddy888
I think your 2nd body only lists 3 ideas on why social media is advantageous. You need more explanation to support these ideas otherwise it'll be underdeveloped. Also, the conclusion would be better if you recap the ideas in your body rather just restating the introduction.

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