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Some think that the government should support retired people financially.

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May 3, 2024   #1
There are arguments about whether governments should give subsidies to retired community, or whether older adults ought to help themselves. I hold the view that although authorities need to assign money to care for retirees, individuals should be held accountable for maintaining their life standards after retirement.

The first reason for governments being expected to take action is that one of their primary responsibilities is to ensure societal stability, which involves considering the life quality of retirees who comprise a significant portion of the population. When older adults retire, which means in several circumstances they will not have any income, authorities should certainly provide the retired with financial assistance to at least help maintain their basic living conditions, including food, medical care, and housing. The second reason is during the working period, senior citizens contributed to the country and the community through their participation in the labor force, tax payments, and contributions to economic development. I believe it is justifiable for the authority to provide support during their later life.

However, depending solely on the government's plans poses risks to retired people. The problem is governments frequently subsidize retirees with pension schemes that will not work for another 30-40 years. With inflation, most of the time, the monthly allowance provided falls short of fully covering retirees' medical expenses for serious illnesses, not to mention discretionary spending such as travel expenses, and other forms of entertainment. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that people of working age need to consider other financial security measures such as retirement funds and saving money in bank accounts as soon as possible.

I do need some help to improvise this essay. Please help me! Thank you. Love.
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May 4, 2024   #2
This sort of essay requires you to present varied justifications in the reasoning paragraphs. You need to support your opinion with 2 related supporting ideas. That is because you are expected to deliver a convincing argument that proves your opinion to be the correct one. What you did here, defending both sides of the essay, will result in a failing score. The discussion presentation is incorrect. The examiner is not going to give you any credit for the paragraph that runs against your actual opinion, the one that is stated in the prompt restatement section. You will get a score based on an under developed opinion in this case. The essay will also be considered as presenting less than the minimum word count since the second paragraph will be totally disregarded.

Home / Writing Feedback / Some think that the government should support retired people financially.
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