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'three kinds of treatments applied' - The process of recycling the rain water.

nelarizka79 16 / 21 1  
Mar 15, 2016   #1
The process of recycling the rain water is illustrated by this diagram. There are three kinds of treatments applied in this recycling which two of them leads the process. These two treatments are water treatment plant and stormwater treatment. Overall, some stages are the same, but it is slightly different at the several first steps in those two treatments.

Once, the rain water falling down to dam is distributed to cube container. In this container does the water experience first kind of treatment, water treatment plant. Being treated in certain time, the rain water is ready to use as drinking water in household. Then, the household waste water is placed to the second cube container. It undergoes the next treatment, wastewater treatment plant. Through this stage, the rain water will be split into two ways. First, it can be directly distributed in to a tank. In this tank, the water passes recycling process that eventually changing into recycling water which is piped and used in household. Second, the overwhelming water in second cube container will be piped out to river flowing to the sea. This is where the process converges, whereas the puddle of rain water in house yard can be directly stream down into the river and the sea.

The water mixed in both river and sea will encounter the rain making process which turns it become rain water again. This rain water is accommodated in a tank whenever the rain is coming. Finally, the rain water will be piped out and reutilized in household.

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Mar 16, 2016   #2
Hi Nela, I would like to help out.

In the introduction once again, you must note that 'the process is illustrated in the diagram' and not 'by the diagram'.

Overall, what the essay is missing is your ability to create sentences with good composition of words, sometimes what matters is a good set of words that explains the idea that you have in your mind. The thing is you may have a good idea but the words are not right, this will affect the overall composition of your essay and in this case, your analysis.

I believe it will help if you practice, write more and read English books, articles or anything that you can get your hands into. The more you practice, the better writer you will become.

I hope my insights help.

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