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IELTS TASK 1: Time spent on smartphones and tablets, by category.

dqhuy3108 1 / -  
Nov 9, 2022   #1

proportion of time spent with phones and tablets

The graphics compare information about the duration which people use for smartphones and tablets.

It can be clearly seen that the proportions of games and social networking account for the largest part on both devices. Whereas, news and utilities take up the least on smartphones and tablets respectively.

Playing games makes up over a third of total time spent on smartphones (35%). Besides, the time of spending on the same on smartphones is more than a half (57%). Then, the second largest percentage of time spent on both devices is still similar, that is social networking. But they use it on smartphones almost twice as much time than they use it on tablets.

When it comes to news, on average people spend the least time on it, just 3% on smartphones and 4% on tablets. Meanwhile, the proportion of time spent on utilities on smartphones (20%) is nearly sevenfold on tablets (3%). In addition, there is not much difference between 2 devices in time consumed on music, videos and other uses.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Nov 10, 2022   #2
The word "graphics" could indicate numerous image types. It is not specific enough to describe a task 1 image. The type and number of images must always be properly indicated in the summary overview. Otherwise, the summary will only serve to confuse the reader and lower the C+C and GRA preliminary scores for this report.

By having a stand alone trending reference, the essay misses out on the proper formatting for this analytical presentation. The trend should be folded into the summary overview and then 3 reporting paragraphs should be presented for the reporting analysis. The 3 paragraph format should be used for the report since this is a 2 image reference study.

As far as the grammar of the writer, he must remember that an English sentence should not start with the transition words "because", "but, or "and" because these are conjunctions which are used to connect related ideas within a single sentence. As such, it cannot be used at the start of a sentence since there is no information to connect at that point.

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