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IELTS Topic: Should Immigrants adapt to adopted country?

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Sep 7, 2011   #1
Nowadays, more people are migrating to other countries than ever before. In order to become integrated into society in their adopted countries, immigrants should abandon their old ways and adapt to local customs and codes of behavior.

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and in clued any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experiences.

Over the last decades, there is a steadily increase in the number of people migrating to another country. The phenomenon raises questions about whether immigrants should remain their original way and style of living or adapt to the local value they migrate for. In the following essay I will state why I believe people should abide by the law and follow the behavior to the new land's society conventions.

It is general aspects that geographical diversity nurture multicultural. Therefore there are considerable variations between different countries, such as languages, beliefs, dresses, customs and so on. Accordingly, language discrepancy is the most important factor for new comers to confront. Yet, numerous of migrants still reluctant or inability to learn new language they reside which result host countries (usually human rights well developed one) embed several different languages on public signpost, which causes the extra burden for the country they accommodate.

Moreover, social appearance is also important for immigrants. Some religious require followers covering their bodies or even faces which lead to hard to identify. No one can assure if there is potential crime under the mask. Thus, although it is personal liberal to decide what to wear, yet, in a public faces society it is reasonable to show each other's face.

In conclusion, although human's behavior usually restricted by law. However, social order is also an essential element for group living. Regardless other people's feeling is ungracious and inappropriate. Therefore, considerable extent of adaptation and formality is a must for those who voluntarily abandon their hometown.

It is not easy to think ideas over this topic, this took me three days to finish, but I still feel this is not enough persuasive. Please, any suggestions are welcome.

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