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TOURIST DESTINATION: Tourism has negative effect on certain destinations.

shofa_nefertete 12 / 35  
Sep 30, 2010   #1
Question: Tourism has negative effect on certain destinations and many people believe that particular tourists are to be blame for that. Discuss the specific negative effects that were identified as ones with impact on tourist places. What are the solutions to this situation?

As the world opens its door wide for the booming industry of tourism, more of these impeccable tourist destinations suffer the exploitation of globetrotters and tourists losing its natural magnificence and radiance. This leads to some detrimental effects like deterioration of tourist hubs which necessitates people to give urgent action.

Predominantly, the seemingly unstoppable popularity of tourism deteriorates the quality of these natural resources, historical sites, and tourist attractions due to the negligence and disrespect of visitors. More often than not, the once luscious green landscape has been transformed into an uninviting and filthy arena of garbage and waste. Aside from that, some of these artifacts and relics loss their quality or perhaps diminish their value since stubborn tourists can go way overboard for its curiosity and negligence. To counter these perceived problems, the government should devise laws and ordinances to maintain the cleanliness of the environment at the same time disseminate information for foreigners and locals to preserve and give utmost attention to these heritages. Furthermore, curators and tourist guides should strictly emphasize the standards in historical and tourist destinations to ensure its sustainable preservation.

A good case to exemplify would be the pristine white sand beach of Boracay. Due to its tropical appeal for relaxation, people be it foreign or local, travelers flock to the island leaving loads of rubbish making the once white sand into something murky and dirty. Aside from that, tourists steal the soft sands, shells, clams, and corals making the whole island scarce for natural resources and barren for marine life. With the conglomeration and joint effort of the natives and local government, they were able to implement ordinances such as restriction in stealing sands, proper sewage system, and waste management. The once lambasted natural resource recovers back to its natural abundance. This is clearly indicates that unity can spell a big difference in keeping our place free from exploitation.

I am not discrediting the fact that tourism paves the way to a major boost in our economy, but we should bear in our thinking caps that we have a responsibility to fulfill our roles as stewards to the natural resources bestowed upon us.

To sum it up, tourism brings both boon and bane repercussions to us. Being a responsible citizen, we are bound to preserve the natural bounty for the next generation to savor.
donrocks 5 / 120  
Sep 30, 2010   #2
Hello Walter! This essay was not good, according to me. To start with there are many mistakes(grammatical) which are hard to overlook and ruin the effect of the essay. The mistakes from the "gem" essay have been repeated which is disappointing.

disrespect of visitors

Disrespect "by" visitors

stubborn tourists can go way overboard for its curiosity and negligence.

its?? I think that is wrong. Also, find a better word than negligence, its not going.
There are a few more errors however, I think you are repeating yourself again and again without much substance.
You should start with beach first as it gives a positive start to the essay. Otherwise, its 8 lines of negative lines which is a put off.

You are a good writer and you need to unleash your potential within you.
Cheers.... :)
I hope you don't take it personally. Its my opinion which maybe totally wrong. End of it, its your essay and should gel with you.
OP shofa_nefertete 12 / 35  
Oct 1, 2010   #3
I am happy you are taking time to help me. I appreciate your kindness. I am very open-minded and willing to learn more.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Oct 3, 2010   #4
Choose singular or plural:
Being a responsible citizen, I am bound to preserve the natural bounty beauty for the next generation to savor.
Being responsible citizens, we are bound to preserve the natural bounty beauty for the next generation to savor.

Walter, a great term for you to use in this essay is "eco-tourism." Google that if you are interested. :-)

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