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Traveling outside a large tour group can result in a richer and more genuine experience

Oct 5, 2009   #1
Dear professor,

I am preparing the IBT TOEFL test, and I worry about my writing very much. I am not sure what I wrote is correct. Please help me to read it, and give me some advice. Thank you very much!

These lucky enough to travel, particularly make a journey to foreign countries, always face the decision of traveling with a group with an experienced guider or traveling by themselves. The choice is a difficult one as both ways of travel have advances. Personally, I prefer the latter one. Although travel in a group with a tour guide is obviously convenient, the benefits are not significant enough and in many ways traveling in this kind of way can limit one's travel experience.

A group travel is usually more economic and comfortable than an individual one. Also we do not have to worry about the hotel reservation and transportation. These aspects are taken care of. What's more, we can make new friends in the group. Nevertheless, travel by ourselves are more interesting. We do not need follow a set schedule and do not have a limit in time in one place. We can stay at one place we like as long as we want, while leave another place we dislike as soon as possible. So we have enough time understand the foreign culture and costume.

On the other hand, though a group travel is more convenient, experiences are more important for travelers during their trip. An experienced guide can fix lots of problems in travel, such as language, cultural differences, transportation and so on, and all of these make our trip more enjoyable and comfortable. However, as for me, to find the ways to solve these problems is really a exciting experience for my travel. Without a guider, we may lose our ways, we may misunderstand the locals, we may make mistakes because of the different cultures, but who cares. Things unexpected are the most unforgettable. I consider my travel as a venture. Only if I had done something others hadn't met before, I will feel that I get the goal of the travel.

Therefore, traveling outside a large tour group can result in a richer and more genuine experience, and I believe this experience to be more valuable to me.

Oct 5, 2009   #2
You have the right sort of structure. You just need to work on polishing your grammar. Here are a few fixes to get you started:

"always have to decide between traveling"

"both ways of travel have advantages "

"Without a guide , we may lose our way "

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