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Two billion people, at least in America, India and Southern East Asia, learn English worldwide

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Sep 27, 2016   #1
TED Summary : The world's english mania

The topic for this is mania. Many aspect people get form Media. People can see the news update which are they love about something, it can make people feel crying and screaming. There are several ways to express the something people like, which are supporters from football offer their favourite clubs.

In addition, the other thing which are mania about religion. Make people close enough to God. For example, mania can be good, also can be endanger also can be deathly.

The world has many mania about something which are learning english, listening chinese student practice their english by screaming to something.
How many people learning english worldwide?
2 billion of them, at least in America, India and Southern East Asia. Most of all in China. If you live in china that you must studied from 3 grade. In the future china will be the largest english speaking country.

Why english?
On othe hand, there are many aspect which are opportunity for better life, a job, to be able the favourit school. The people in china studied 12 a day for three years. 25% of their grade is based on english language. Intensity of learning english is an almost In the city.

However, english mania affected which are good or bad, english is world second languages part of the wider conversation, a global conversation which are climate change,hunger disease and universal language. English is language of problem solving because it can communicate and unify with the others. English represent hope for better future.
ekalamarsyari11 72 / 108 9  
Sep 27, 2016   #2
Many aspects people get form Media

People can see the news update ...
=>People can read the latest news about what they are interest in.

There are several ways to express the something people like

which are supporters from football ...
=>such as what football supporters do due to their love to the favorite clubs.

the other thingS which are mania about religion.

eve01 24 / 40 5  
Sep 27, 2016   #3
hi dika ^,^

your summary is good enough but let me give some advises and i hope it helps

>> marks your spelling ( favourite ; favorite, english ; English , chinese; Chinese (use capital letter)
>> to begin with summary video you can use >> according to the speaker, based on the video or mention the name of speaker

>> better to not put questions in summary but write the content

On othe handOn the other hand , there are many aspects which arehave opportunities for better life, a job,and to be able chosen the favourit school.

keep writing
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Sep 27, 2016   #4
Hi Andika, as I go through your essay, I believe there's something wrong with how you understood the TED talk that you are trying to summarize. As far as I recall, this particular talk is focused on hoe the English language took off and created such a mania that every single person in the world would like to learn and speak the language.

Now, there is some truth to your summary, the part where you talk about or enumerated countries where the language originated and how it spread is an absolute truth. The English language has taken the world for as long as I can remember, it is dubbed as the universal language, a language where everybody understands everybody and share the same perspective and expression. Nonetheless, it is the language that brought people together and unfortunately enough, the same language that sometimes can break people apart due to several factors such as different views and different understanding to certain circumstances in life.

Overall, it's quiet a confusing summary, there's quiet a lot of changes to be made, however, they can be fixed and modified and I hope the above insights helped you in your revision.

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