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Unhealthy lifestyle among people, particularly young generation

annahatef 30 / 9 7  
Nov 13, 2015   #1
please give me tips about developing idea

Nowadays there is an increase in people with an unhealthy diet and not doing enough physical exercises. What do you think might be the reason? What can be done to encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle?

having unhealthy nutrition among people is gaining more popularity, particularly young generation who has decreasing the tendency of doing the physical activities. It takes account of that there are reasons which people follow these habits. In this essay, I will look at the other reasons involved and offer possible solutions to change the harmful modern lifestyle towards more body movements and healthy diet.

To begin with, lifestyle has changed considerably. Homemade food is replaced by fast food. People do not spend as much time as they used to spend on making food at home, because individuals are very busy and spend more time outside of home. They try to eat store-brought packed items or frozen meals which not only contain sufficient vitamin or minerals, but also have huge amount of salt and saturation oil. Also, in modern world, many tasks become computerized. People stay on computers to do many tasks including transmit money, buy goods and official duties. All of this tasks are done without any movements. What is more, citizens drive their own cars to go to the different destinations, which means they save their time because of driving all paths without any walking and do many tasks in expense of less physical movement.

There are many solutions to change some bad habits. To encourage people to eat healthy food, employers should build kitchen with chiefs and some cookers in different workplaces. these cookers provide high quality food for workforces. In addition, by building some wider sidewalks, individuals become interested to go jogging. People try to walk some distances. Decreasing the fee for gym membership and advertising about some fitness level, citizens do body building.

In conclusion, nowadays people have unhealthy food and are reluctant to do any physical exercises. These conditions can be resulted from new modern lifestyle and computerized life. However, these unhealthy habits can be corrected by some considering attentions.

eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,195 459  
Nov 13, 2015   #2
having unhealthy nutrition among people ...

Well, I think I need to rewrite your intro, since some ideas did not fully cover what should be in the opening paragraph.
Today's issue is how to maintain people health. This notion is utterly true, since many people live under poor health conditions. Lack of exercise and eating junk food can be the reason why this issue is growing. To tackle this matter, I believe that people should be encouraged to take regular exercise and eat healthy food.

When it comes to the introduction, I always break down my strategy intro three steps.
1. A Hook., a catchy phrase. Such a phrase can attract readers attention.
2. Background information: simply restate the question.
3. Thesis statement + Outline: Here you need to show your claim regarding the issue, and then prove it with an outline, as the main topic of discussion.

Hope this helps :D

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