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Using home-internet is less costly and more useful than a new library construction

faizunaa17 49 / 91  
Nov 20, 2016   #1
Some people think it is a waste of money to establish libraries since the public can use the Internet at home to obtain information, do you agree or disagree?

There is a people's argument that mention if using home-internet is less costly and more useful rather than build a library that kind of money wasting, because it has the same aim for obtaining information. In my view, I totally disagree, because there are some reasons that make library more precious than just computer. It will be explained more in this essay, but some of main points is about the book value itself, the information's accuracy, even for reducing exhausted feel.

Actually, it is true that constructing library needs more money than just building internet facility. Imagine, in the library we need to build the building itself, buying some books, racks, and boxes, pay the librarian and other workers' salary, even maintenance cost for the literature. In contrast, to build an internet area, just need a hotspot and monthly expenses that really inexpensive. It solely needs Wi-fi transmitter, LAN wire, small amount of electricity, without any devices such as mobile computer because today many people already have it.

However, library actually more beneficial than electronic information. Firstly, is about the worth of literature. Some libraries have ancient books, in order to protect it from damage and perhaps it is no matter will be an evidence for the past knowledge itself that is usually written by eminent past time scientists. Secondly, the trueness of the information. As we know that everybody can post freely without any filter in the internet, even though the information that is given by someone totally wrong. For instance, there are many inaccurate information even people that do not have responsibility for creating totally wrong thread that contains some information. Thirdly, with directly reading books, we can reduce our eyes' pain and tired because computer emits radiation that dangerous for our body, especially our vision.

In conclusion, although building library is more expensive than internet usage, but the benefit really outweigh the drawbacks, because it is too many information that is actually cannot be found throughout online surfing.
Anna94 47 / 56 3  
Nov 20, 2016   #2

people's argument that mention

People's argument that mentionS<< it refers to 'argument'

we need to build the building ...

Notice the parallel structure

MISSING VERB >> library IS actually more beneficial ...

... our eyes' pain and tired (needs comma here ) because ...

Hope those help you


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