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Ielts: is using technology a bad trend ?

ductam06 3 / 2  
Nov 29, 2023   #1
In today's world, numerous people can choose to work at home, and more children are studying from home as technology is now much cheaper and is easier to gain access to. This is a positive development because technology increases working efficiency of adults, and it also makes education for children more convenient.

One of the benefits that technology brings is more efficiency. With the appearance of technology, people can choose to work at home using various platforms, which means that they do not need to spend time to get to their company to work, instead, they can use this amount of time to work more, increasing their efficiency. Addtitionally, if there is a need for a meeting to discuss business but people are extremely far away from each other, numerous applications smartphones or computers can be used to connect with one another, meaning that the working efficiency is not affected by distance anymore. Furthermore, people are usually motivated to work harder in an environment they are comfortable with, in this case, it is their home. For instance, an experiment conducted at the USA found out that the efficiency of people working at home are generally higher than those who work at companies by atleast 25%.

Another pros of using technology is that teaching children become more convenient. When there are some students cannot go to school directly because of some personal reasons, teachers can just use technology to teach them online, which will save them a lot of time and energy. Moreover, if students accidentally miss class, lessons can be recording through technology before they are sent to these students so that teachers do not have to teach these lessons again. For instance, a study in the UK showed that the workload of teachers reduced massively as they did not need to use their personal time to teach children who missed the class. Asides from that, children can ask their teachers through technology whenever they have some problems with studying, which is less time-consuming than using a lot of time to school and finding their teacher for some questions.

In conclusion, this is a positive trend as technology makes working more efficiently and teaching more advantageous.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,662 4753  
Dec 3, 2023   #2
Try to shorten your essay next time to no more than 300 words. That is to ensure that you can complete the essay within the 40 minute time allottment. You need to work on creating more summarized thought presentations per paragraph. You did a very good job on the prompt restatement and writer's opinion so your essay will come in with a very strong starting score. The TA score will be higher than the average preliminary score due to the strong first paragraph that you wrote. The overall essay is also well presented, except for the over written aspect. Should you write within the 300 word count during the actual test, and produce an essay of this same caliber, you should not worry about failing the test. You are definitely going to pass.

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