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Nov 11, 2018   #1

People naturally resist making changes in their lives.

What kind of problem can this cause? What solutions can you suggest?

Answer :
Many people in the world keep unchanged routines naturally the way they run their life. This resistance could make people unable to enhance their knowledge or skills, so educating a growth mindset for the young generation and showing some inspiring people could be two viable solutions to address this issue properly.

The main problem that comes up if people resist changing their life behaviours is they could not develop their skills or knowledge to be more advanced. It is because their mind tends to lead for refusing any developing activities which bring them out from their comfort zone. This phenomenon could be seen in Papua, a well-known undeveloped region in Indonesia. Many of the local are not interest in education because they may still be comfortable to stay at home rather than get some study that makes them stress. As a result, they could not significantly widen their horizon, compared to those living in the other regions.

To solve that problem, the government should educate the young generations about a growth mindset through formal education because if they can be an open-minded people in the educational environment, they can be easier to observe their lessons. This solution has been implemented by AIESEC, a worldwide organization which concerns to enable leadership potential of the young people, and most the alumni are likely to have multi-discipline skills. To maximize the result, showcase inspiring people who always take challenges in their life might be able to trigger themselves to be growth-minded people.

To sum up, the government should restate the curriculum to ensure the next generation has a growth mindset as well as spreading inspiring story through some talk shows to prevent close mindset thinking.

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Nov 11, 2018   #2
I think the topic is well discussed, you provided related examples to illustrate the problem and solution in each paragraph which are both very convincing.

There is still a problem in this essay, you should restate not only the solution but also the problem discussion again in your conclusion.
Overall, I enjoy reading your essay, I learned a lot.

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