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Vietnamese eating habits from the past and now

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Jun 17, 2022   #1

eating habits of people in vietnam

Vietnamese eating wonts are very important and people are often serious about how they enjoy their meals. Up to now, the eating habits of Vietnamese people also have some differences.

Both past and present Vietnamese habits have a distinct community character. During the meal, each member has a separate bowl but all dishes are shared and served on the same tray. Vietnamese people often use chopsticks in meals. A pair of chopsticks is a miraculous eating tool that can replace many other tools such as forks, spoons, and knives,... because of its flexibility.

A long time ago, in traditional meals, Vietnamese people had a custom called "eat-calling". It was just a short speech from children to other members which expressed their politeness and respect for the older in the family. Additionally, in standard traditional meals, people paid special attention to eating speed. If you eat too fast or too low, it will reflect whether you are good or bad.

In modern days, eating is very comfortable and convenient, it is changed to suitable with the new age. Today, people are more open-minded, comfortable and positive in eating habits. They reject some rules to make members feel relax and sastify in the meals. Besides that, everyone is often busy and they don't have enough time to enjoy a standard meal. So, they eat something both delicious and quickly cooked like hamburgers, pizzas or packed food.

In conclusion, eating habits nowadays have lots of changes. Traditional meals are formal and serious while modern meals are more comfortable.
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Jun 17, 2022   #2
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