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Is it a waste time for government to spend money on criminals?

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Aug 17, 2011   #1
Most people think it is a waste of time for the government to spend a lot of money changing the behavior of criminals? What's your opinion ?

Nowadays, since the crime rate is increasing rapidly, governments decide to spare efforts on changing the behaviour of criminals. Some people hold that spending plenty of money on criminals is worthless, but others express the different views, they think that paying attention to changing criminals' behaviour is a useful way to decrease the crime rate. From my perspective, I agree with first statement, there are several reasons why I hold on.

The main reason for my propensity is governments helping people who really need helps is more sufficient than helping the cruel criminals. First, governments need to help some children who live in poverty be able to go to school instead of educating criminals. For example, in Africa , there are a lot of children who are unable to enjoy school education. They are still young so that they might will make some contributions for their countries in the future. Thus , I believe that it is more valuable to educate them rather than criminals. In addition, giving homeless people a room is more useful than offering long time free prisons for criminals. In other words, there are still a lot of homeless people in today's society. It is unacceptable that let many homeless people still live on street, while criminals have a room to stay . Therefore, I believe governments spending a plenty of money and time changing criminals' behavior is unfair to some people who really need help.

Another reason can see by every people is that helping criminals change their mind is not a effective way to decrease the crime rate. To begin with, the beneficial welfare can not stop criminals from doing crime. The strict punishments for the criminals are usually an alarm which can remind people the results before they tend to do the crime. However, the governments even give the criminals an opportunity to abtain their knowledge and enjoy the free education. As a result, many people are no longer to scare to be a criminal, and even some homeless people want to be a criminal so that they might have a better living standard than before. I think a criminal's life is better than them because the criminals at least have a room to stay . Therefore, the beneficial environment for criminals can not decrease the crime rate , even making it more high.

In conclusion , the governments using the way of changing the behavior of criminals in order to decrease the crime rate is not a good idea, and it is even useless and worthless. I recommend that the governments need to pay more attention to the hopeless people. When these people have a good life , I believe that nobody wants to be a cruel criminal.

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