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The work we have impact our way of living. If it brings joy then we are happy.

summerflora 1 / 1  
Sep 4, 2015   #1
Your job has more effect on your happiness than your living environment.

thank u in advance for reading my writing;)

Nowadays, there is a heated debate as to which effects on your happiness more, jobs or the living environment. In my opinion, true happiness means you can have a sense of achievement after overcoming some difficulties. Also you can get it after getting payment. So frankly speaking, i agree with the statement that job has more effect on the personal happiness.

First and foremost, dealing with the tough tasks at work can bring you a sense of achievement, while your living environment will not bring you so much of it. Take me for example. As a student who just graduated from university, the outside world seemed so exciting to me. But after i steeping into one company, everything changed. I could not keep up the speed with my experienced co-workers, so I messed up almost everything. But with the help of my encouraging boss, I found that everything was not as difficult as I had thought, so I worked even harder and finally my efforts paid off, then I felt so happy. While overcoming some difficulties in daily life like fixing the old tube will not make me feel the same way. So your job has more influence.

Furthermore, your job can offer you regular payment, which straightly related to your happiness. On the contrary, the living environment cannot. Clearly, by doing your daily work, you can get the payment. With that you can reward yourself with the things you like. It feels like you are being recognized and happiness can be amplified. On the contrary, living environment is only just a place for you to stay and be with your loved ones. It cannot provide your money or anything practical to satisfied your materially needs. Then it is clear that your happiness is more related to your job.

Admittedly, living environment can also influence our mood. There is no doubt that we will feel happier if we living in a more harmonious neighborhood with affable neighbors, clean streets, and beautiful gardens, than in a less desirable neighborhood. However, it is the money which you earn form works that decided what kind of neighborhood you live in. With more money, you can have a better living environment. So jobs is the foundation. Therefore, we should put jobs first when concerned about happiness.

In sum, as three reasons mentioned above, we can see that your job fundamentally decide your living environment. Moreover, it not only offers you a sense of achievement but also a payment. Which are the prerequisites of your happiness. So we can safely arrive at the conclusion that jobs have more influence on the happiness.

Drpnsmbd 1 / 1  
Sep 4, 2015   #2
Question, what kind of writing is this? College essay? Informative? Expository?

"Nowadays, there is a heated debate as to which affects happiness more: jobs or the living environment. "

Try to avoid addressing the audience. Also, depending on the type of essay your'e writing, the first person may not be acceptable. I need to know what kind of essay you're writing to go further.
OP summerflora 1 / 1  
Sep 5, 2015   #3
It's for my TOEFL exam haha xx

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