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workaholic; Spending money on taking vacation, travelling is better than saving

john6503 9 / 27  
Jul 23, 2009   #1
It is often said that money plays a crucial role for people in achieving prosperous life and that is the primary reason why people in these days are striving so hard to range themselves with high salary. Some might disagree with this statement by saying that life is only temporary, so we should enjoy the moment rather than being captured by the lure of money that turn one into workaholic. This being the case, is it better to spend money on taking a vacation or travelling than saving for future? In my opinion, I believe that people should save money for their future for the following reasons.

To begin with, saving money can prepare the person for well-balanced future by making them financially stabilized. This is because no one can predict their own future, so it is advisable for one to be set for unforeseen future. For example, when my dad was hiking up a mountain last year, he accidently stepped his foot onto the ground which had a huge hole, causing him serious leg injury. However, thanks to the insurance benefits for paying regular fees on monthly base, the loss caused by the surgery was amply covered by the insurance. Had it not been for the insurance company, our family could have ended up having severe financial difficulties.

Furthermore, saving money allows the person to buy high quality products. It is obvious that the more expensive the products are the higher quality they have. On the other hand, people with only small budget can only afford to purchase products that have low quality. Take my case as an example, during my high school years, many of my friends had mp3 players to listen to the music whereas, I could only listen to music through my old CD player because I was in a hole, spent too much money on traveling to other countries with friends in that year. So I was often left out when my friends had a conversation on their newly bought mp3 and its special features. This implies that saving money can help one to socialize with others by having products with high cost and value.

In conclusion, some people might suggest that spending money on traveling is better choice as it helps them be recharged with fresh energy and broaden their perspectives towards other countries. However, I personally believe that advantages of saving money far outweigh that of spending since an individual is able to be prepared for his future and buy products that give him self-satisfaction.

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Only one day to go before taking this exam.
I'm so nervous since result from this exam is directly related to my future university. So I'm asking for help
Libra 3 / 4  
Jul 23, 2009   #2
'he accidently stepped his foot onto the ground which had a huge hole'
'with 'is better?
'causing him serious leg injury'
'the higher quality they have ''are equipped with'
TOEFL? I'm worried, too.
And I was wondering that...is paragraph 2 relevant to the central topic?
Well, don't mind. Maybe I'm not quite... I mean I'm a newcomer to the writting field. I need others's helps, too.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 23, 2009   #3
I just read, in the current issue of Wired magazine, that research demonstrates that, looking back over their lives, people regret the times that they did not have fun, travel, etc. more than they regret failing to save money or be cautious in some similar way.
trangquynh 4 / 20  
Jul 23, 2009   #4
Pay attention to the time given! Hope you will do well in the test!

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