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'The world is changing day by day gradually' - essay about consumerism

Favelani 1 / -  
Nov 23, 2014   #1
The world is changing day by day gradually, also individuals and their habits are changing but this changing is not always occurs in a good way. Human activities on the world effects people and earth in many aspects. The aim of this essay will be consumerism and will focus on negative effects of it. is a problem which we call as "consumerism" and it is being increasingly worse after all time that passed. Consumerism have existed since the first civilizations and it is getting higher and higher every day. Consumerism has negative impacts on the whole earth and peoples' life such as unsustainability issues, having consumerism as a habit, and increasing capitalism.

First of all, it is obvious that the most critical negative effect of consumerism is unsustainability. It can be seen clearly in every manner of perspective which we are looking to the earth; for instance, as a place to live, as a field which is filled with sources or just as a planet, our sources are running out. Our world can't cope with the consumes of 6 billion and plus more people. Moreover, it isn't capable of restoring itself while several billions of people using it's sources. There is a red line border of earth can handle and we have passed it already. Sustainability means maintain their existence in earth for humans and there is an ecological meaning of it which means sustain natural sources and keep animal beings alive. Our sources are being consumed away because of consumerism. People are wanting lots of things and their demands are increasing in direct proportion with passing days. So production sector supports that demand and when they start to product more, the more they consume the more energy they use, the more material they gather, the more source they spend. 70 percent of the sources on earth are wasted in 50 years. Just two percent of waters are appropriate to drink. There are 6 billions of people living in earth and some researchers say that estimated number of people who will live on earth in 2050 is 20 billion. Can earth keep it's restoration up with that much number of people? The answer is no, also it can't even keep up with 6 billion. If our sources run out there will be global wars for energy, materials and water. Big economies will try to attack other countries to sustain their existence. When drinkable waters be reduced to lethal level people will fight with each other. Animals will die because of their valuable leathers, tooths, etc. And then they will extinct.

Secondy, people are getting used to consume much more which we can also say it as they are having consuming as a habit. With the globalization people have more ...

I'm on my second paragraph now. What can i do more? It would be helpful if you give me some ideas to mention, not only for first paragraph also second and third. Meanwhile, i must make 4 quotation with apa in text style.

Thanks in advance.

BayHead 1 / 3  
Nov 23, 2014   #2
Great paper. If you proofread and correct some punctuation, a few of the sentences would read better, making it easier to understand your point. For additional paragraphs, you might expand on the negative affects consumerism has on the ecosystem on earth. You could get into the Western civilization (Capitalism) and its definition of success - the more you own, the higher up in status you are. and also the individualistic culture we support as opposed to the other cultures supporting collective cultures. I enjoy reading about this topic, because I am a fanatic on the destruction of Earth's ecosystem.
logo3098 5 / 16 1  
Nov 23, 2014   #3
but this changing is not always occurs (occurring) in a good way. Human activities on the world effects (effect) people and earth in many aspects.

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