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Write a paragraph of at least 50 words to about it why you like/don't like it.

vo ngoc 1 / -  
Jan 12, 2021   #1

Fun Fried Chicken

I am a gourmet so I am very picky when choosing where to eat .So I am very happy to choose a restaurant near the school that suits my taste, that is Fun Fried Chicken . It is located on a small street very close to a large park. It was a pretty neat and tidy place. From the outside, the restaurant doesn't look very impressive. There are large glass windows in the front and some benches outside for everyone to sit while waiting. Inside it was a lot of square green wooden tables, each with about four white chairs around. The walls are painted light green, and there are many beautiful landscapes on them. The restaurant has two floors; I prefer the second floor, because there, sometimes I can get a window seat and enjoy watching people pass by the street outside. The restaurant serves mainly breakfast and lunch. It serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes and also fast food. The restaurant also has a wide selection of delicious, homemade cakes and they make delicious coffee. However, of all the dishes at this restaurant, I like the fried chicken the most. It's very good. I think the reason I like this restaurant is because of the food and the staff. The staff are very helpful and friendly, so the guests usually have a good time at this restaurant. The food was delicious as I said. In general, the service is good. That's why my friends and I often go there together. I miss those days. (The image is for illustrative purposes only)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Jan 12, 2021   #2
There is no image provided, so I cannot really compare your statement with it. Please include the image next time. I am also unclear about whether this is a 2 statement discussion or a single reference discussion. Do you choose between the two opinions or, do you discuss just one? I will assume that you have to discuss both, due to the lack of instruction guidelines.

For a statement like this, you do not need to describe the place you prefer or like in terms of its physical presentation. You have already stated that this is a restaurant near the school you attend. That is all the reader needs to know. You have told us what you like about the restaurant, which meets the "why you like it" part of the statement. However, the "don't like it part" is missing. Maybe because you chose to describe the restaurant in detail instead. Had you skipped the discussion and told us what you may not like in the restaurant instead, then the statement would have been more responsive.

Anyway, I am just making assumptions here since you did not give me any solid review reference points to go by. Take my relevant advice and feel free to disregard anything that doesn't apply. You are the only one, at this point, who knows what this statement needs to actually contain. I will reserve my more relevant reviews for your next practice statement, provided you give me the review points along with the statement post.
Jan 14, 2021   #3
- you can exchange the word "very" by other words, for example: I am really/ extremely happy, etc.
- Or u can say " I regard myself as a picky eater" ..
- " The food was delicious as I said " => delicious + tasty/ yummy/ scrumptious

Home / Writing Feedback / Write a paragraph of at least 50 words to about it why you like/don't like it.
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