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[WRITTING TASK 1-MAP] The maps show the changes that happened to an island called Paradise.

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Oct 21, 2023   #1

The diagrams compare the difference of Paradise Island between the past and present.

Overall, it is clear that there have been more spaces for recreational facilities, which turned an original wilderness of the island into a tourism area.

Looking at the graph more closely, one can see that at the present, the pier has been extended and converted from the straight road to junction one. The vehicle for transportation has also been upgraded to a cruise ship instead of the boat. In addition, there have been more services catering to tourism such as allowing people to swim on the beach or setting up an area for sightseeing.

On the shore, some significant changes have been also made when the scientific research station has been cleared to pave the way for a hotel complex. Furthermore, trees have been chopped down, which have been replaced by a swimming pool, open restaurant and BBQ area. Along the coastline, a path for cycling has also been erected. Finally, natural spring remained unchanged but has been reduced in size due to the addition of a newly built cafe.

(plz give me feedback for this performance, thank u very much!!!)
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Oct 25, 2023   #2
You are missing an important element in this essay. Where is the summary overview? You began with the trending statement immediately. So you will receive a failing preliminary TA score in this instance. You need to always start with the proper summary presentation of information, correct image identifier, and highlights of the report. Is it a graph or a diagram? You are confusing the reader at this point. What sort of image is it? Comparison point introductions are a must when comparing diagrams. So without these considerations, your TA score will be severely affected in a negative manner.

Refrain from asking the reader to look at the image in any way. The assumption is that the reader does not have a copy of the image and will be relying on your report and analysis for proper information reference.

Home / Writing Feedback / [WRITTING TASK 1-MAP] The maps show the changes that happened to an island called Paradise.
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