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Young people commit crimes should be treated same as adults by authorities. Agree or disagree

Abby210 3 / 4  
Apr 25, 2024   #1
Some say that people should commit crimes at a young age; the same is true of how the government treats adults. Others disagree with this statement. Young people should be prosecuted under the law, just as adults are punished when they commit crimes.

Firstly, young people must take responsibility for their actions like adults because of the justice system. If they commit serious crimes, treating them as adults ensures that they face appropriate consequences for their behavior. This creates the fairness that people of any age must comply with the law. If young people are treated more favorably than adults, they may not be afraid of doing wrong things because they know that the law will treat them lightly. The law is no longer fair to all, leading to the system losing people's trust.

Secondly, treating young offenders the same as adults may deter others from engaging in criminal behavior. They will face adult-level consequences for their actions, which could dissuade young people from committing crimes in the first place. Many governments have introduced harsher penalties for young people to deter them from breaking the law. Youth crime rates in those countries are lower than anywhere else. On the contrary, in countries that reduce sentences for underage people, teenagers tend to imitate each other in doing wrong things.

To sum up, holding young people accountable for what they did is essential to maintain the country's law. This can be seen as a warning that young people should not break the law because they can face penalties like adults.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 3, 2024   #2
The prompt restatement is highly confusing. It does not properly restate the original topic. It indicates a totally different interpretation of the original. It will prevent you from receiving a passing TA score. The paragraph shows that you have difficulty when it comes to putting together an English sentence. Your English thought process is faulty. This paragraph alone will cost you a failing preliminary score in the TA, LR, C+C and GRA scoring sections. The confusion and difficulty in understanding your statement means that your essay will begin with a failing preliminary score. While the succeeding parts of the essay are coherent, the problematic start will have doomed your essay to failing score overall because all of the scoring considerations have failing preliminary scores.

Home / Writing Feedback / Young people commit crimes should be treated same as adults by authorities. Agree or disagree
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