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Civil service in Korea. KGSP Self Introduction Content

gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 13, 2017   #1
I am currently writing my essay for the KGSP 2017. I was thinking if should I include passing the civil service exam here in my country. Is civil service a big deal in korea?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 13, 2017   #2
Since the scholarship wishes to know about your academic and work experience, any and all accomplishments that you have in relation to that should be presented. In the case of the civil service test, from what I know of Koreans, they covet gaining a job in the government. They prepare intensively to take the civil service test so yes, that exam is of high importance to them. Mentioning it might be beneficial to your application, specially since you are expected to work in Korea after you graduate. Knowing that you already have government work experience might make your application memorable to the reviewer. It won't hurt to include it in your self introduction letter. Make sure to indicate that the exam is of high importance in your country for some reason in order to appeal to their sense of importance regarding passing the civil service test.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 13, 2017   #3

I actually don't have an experience in working for the government. But I am planning on working for the government that's way I took the civil service exam. Also, I will be applying in a public university run by the government in Korea, so I thought mentioning my passing of civil service exam would boost my application.

Anyway, wouldn't it be a disadvantage if I mention planning on working in Korea after I graduated from my Master's degree?

Thanks Holt!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 13, 2017   #4
Have you actually read the essay requirements for this scholarship program? It does not seem like you are familiar with the requirements for each of the mandatory essays. In case you do not know it, the KGSP scholarship requires all of its masters degree graduates to reside in Korea for a number of years upon graduation. This is a requirement that is to be discussed in your post study plans. That is why there is a mandatory Hangul language lesson covering the first year of your 3 year masters degree course. You are also required to prove your language proficiency via the TOPIK exam. So mentioning that you want to work in Korea is not a bad thing for your self introduction essay to say. However, there is a specific essay that asks you about your post study plans where that topic should be more thoroughly discussed. If you do not work for the government and have nor passed the civil service test then there is no reason for you to mention it at all in your essay. It only works to your benefit if you actually passed the test and put the exam results to good use.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 13, 2017   #5

Hi Holt! I've actually passed the exam last year and already have the certificate for. The only thing is I haven't worked for the government yet. So it's still okay for me to include it right?

Ohh, for the language program. I'm already studying the language here in our country but it's not a formal education. I'm self studying. Although, I can speak and understand (but not fluently). Should I also include that?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 13, 2017   #6
It is not necessary to include the Civil Service exam results in your essay because it has not been of any benefit to your professional experience. Since you do not work for the government, it is useless to present those results. Unless, those results show that you are top ranked among the exam takers? If so, then mention it as a form of your desire to show respect for your home country. Something that you hope to do in Korea as well by passing their own civil service exam in the future. Make that part of your dreams and aspirations paragraph.

As for the language training, you definitely should include that in the essay because that is part of your motivation to study in Korea. It is one of the reasons that you should be able to handle the intricate year long language lessons, as well as help you better acclimatize to the Korean surroundings. Make sure to highlight the personal language lessons and the reasons why you decided to study Hangul on your own.
CCA92 3 / 9 5  
Feb 14, 2017   #7
Hi~ I think you can include it in your Letter of Self-Introduction but don't focus on it too much.
ilskyilsky 4 / 9 2  
Feb 14, 2017   #8
Hi, I am Korean.
Nice to meet you.

In Korea, if you pass the exam in order to be a public officer who work in government or citi hall, people would regard you as an outstaning person. However, I think this is a peculiar phenomenon result from social situation in Korea.

So, I think your certification will be meaningless.
If you have some work experience at the public sector, it may be beneficial.
Or, if you don't have lots of story to apeal, I recommend you to write about knowledge gained in the process of studying to get your certification.

It is just my private opinion.
I hope you get the chance in our country.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 19, 2017   #9

"A few months back, a friend of mine introduced me to Korean music. So as to understand more the meaning of each song, I began to learn the language independently. As of the moment, I can understand and speak basic Korean. During my free time, I try to broaden my knowledge of the language by practicing. Moreover, I started doing research regarding Korea's culture - its cuisine, language and traditions."

Should I include this?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 19, 2017   #10
That sounds like a clear presentation of additional reasons as to why you would be interested in the country and the language. If you can further expand on it by indicating how you are broadening your exposure to all things Korean even before you take formal Hangul lessons as a scholar, then that should further help your application. Indicate an interest in doing some self preparations for taking the TOPIK test by doing your best to familiarize yourself with both the written and spoken Hangul language. Let the reviewer know that you are serious about receiving the scholarship so you are taking proactive measures to prepare for the test with the help of some Korean friends that you currently have. That should help to show that you are keen on immersing yourself in all things Korean and help increase the level of interest in your application.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 19, 2017   #11

Thank you! I will take note of this when I revise my essay

"Moreover, I believe that in the business industry means having to push your boundaries to a greater horizon in order to achieve a better result. Being able to study in Korea will not only expand my cognizance of the culture but will also serve as an opportunity to hone my knowledge on the field of business through the guidance of the professors and colleagues"

What's your comment on this part?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 19, 2017   #12
That paragraph will only work if you plan to do more business with Korea after you graduate. That is a statement that I think is best reserved for your post study plans / career goals essay. Don't over complicate the content of your self introduction. The letter of self introduction should do exactly that. Introduce you to the scholarship reviewer. However, the introduction should solely be based upon the requirements of the prompt that you were provided. Any other information that you wish to present should wait for the proper opportunity to be presented. Usually in one of the two remaining essays. I believe that this current essay is ready for use once you add the information I approved earlier. Keep the essay simple, informative, and on track with the information the reviewer wants to read. This particular comment of yours, can be added later on to one of the two remaining essays.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 19, 2017   #13

Thanks! Since I'll move that part to the post study plans. Will it be better if I add the reasons why I chose that certain university to pursue my master's? E.g. the visions of the school would best fit the career path/goals that I would like to take?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 19, 2017   #14
You can present an overview of that in the self introduction as part of the reason or motivation that you have to study in Korea. Save the more detailed discussion of the decision making process for your choice of university for your study plan. You can really let yourself go in that essay. So you can connect the choice of the university with the thesis you have planned as well as how the university can help you complete the study, discussion about curriculum, faculty members, mentor programs, internships, etc., will be best discussed in your detailed study plan. You can move on to drafting your study plan now. Word of advice though. Take a few days to think of our master thesis statement first. Then do research about the university in relation to your thesis. Only when you have those two complete sets of information should you even begin to outline and draft your study plan.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 20, 2017   #15

Receiving a degree in Marketing was one of the notable achievements I have received. It paved way for experiences that molded me into what I am now. One of the things that motivated me to apply in Korean Government Scholarship Program is the idea of having a Master's degree would not only assist me with my career, but it will also broaden my perspective of the other areas of Business Administration that was not fully touched in my degree. Marketing is only a part of the several areas in the vast field of Business Administration. Moreover, it will help me to get me a good start on the advanced topics in the said field.

Any comment? Or suggestion regarding this part?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 20, 2017   #16
Kai, look into the current business ventures that the Koreans have in your country. Connect those business interests with your desire to attend the KGSP as a student. If the Koreans are doing business in your country, then you can use that as one of the strong motivating factors for your reason to study in Korea. Say something about how having Korean investors in your country means that you need to understand how and why Koreans do business, locally and internationally, in a certain way. As such, you know that you will have to immerse yourself in the Korean business community in Korea so that you can gain the degree of understanding required as a businessman dealing with Korean counterparts.

Your current paragraph is repetitive and does not really push the essay forward in an informative and engaging manner. By changing the topics being discussed / presented within the paragraph, you will be able to further gain the attention and interest of the reviewer. Always go for specific information. Do not be generic in presentation because that makes the reviewer wonder if you actually know what you are getting yourself into. This way, you show the reviewer that you have a direct interest in Korea, your education, and your future.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 21, 2017   #17

Over the past few years, Philippines and South Korea have developed a close tie. Local corporations has been bringing brands from South Korea. In addition to that, business establishments, such as Korean restaurants, salon, spa and gracery stores, have been penetrating the Filipino market. These businesses have greatly captured the interest of the local market and has been succesful into attracting more consumers. Hence, having Korean investors in my country means a better understanding as to how and why they do businesses here in the Philippines. Applying for the Korean Government Scholarship Program would allow me to study in Korea, a country with robust development with regards to business and innovation. It would also be an aide for me to hone my knowledge of the business industry through lessons and experiences in a diverse community.

Any comments or suggestions? That's just a draft.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 21, 2017   #18
You got confused at this part of the essay ; "Hence, having Korean investors in my country means a better understanding as to how and why they do businesses here in the Philippines..." The correct statement would be "Hence, I require advanced information as to How Koreans do business and why they are heavily investing in the Philippines. Seeking my masters degree in (subject) will help me to gain a local understanding of the Korean business ideology and help me develop my skills pertaining to doing business with Koreans..." Aside from that correction, the rest of the paragraph works well. Also, don't say you are applying for the scholarship. Instead, explain why the scholarship works well with your vision for your business future and how this opportunity can help you become a better businessman once you return to your home country.
OP gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 22, 2017   #19

I grew up in a middle class family. My father is a Fiscal Compliance Officer while my mother is a housewife. Life was tough but so is my family. I have learned from my parents the value of hard work. I was taught that ...

What do you think?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 22, 2017   #20
This is a good paragraph. It has a sneak peek into how you developed your point of view about life and the kind of influence that your parents had upon you. It would be better if you could enhance the paragraph by offering a more detailed discussion of how your parents inspiration helped you to see the world in a specific manner (point of view about life). In addition, try to expand upon your discussion regarding your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your future. Perhaps they have influenced you far more than you realize and it would be great if you could share that personal background with the reviewer. This is the first impression regarding your character so you should make sure that it creates the best impression of you, your family, and your collective background from the very start.

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