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My community landscape essay

SimplyTierra 1 / 2  
Sep 29, 2018   #1


what does social landscape means?

Write a short two to three page essay in MLA format where you accomplish the following: First, describe Memphis as a landscape (physical-geographical, emotional-psychological, or social landscape). Second, describe one social problem within Memphis and it connects to the landscape you described.

datascienceboy1 1 / 4 4  
Sep 30, 2018   #2
Social Landscape usually refers to the cultural, political, and economic description of a place. You could include various aspects such as the ethnic diversity of the city which you are describing, or talk about the different jobs which people do. You could also mention things which are peculiar to your city. An example of this could be a unique tribe having its origins in your city, or a music genre or art form.

As for the help with starting it off, there are a few ways in which you could do it:
1. Write a story which has characters residing in Memphis or who have some origins in Memphis, then as the city progresses, try to add more information about the city. Let the readers of your essay view the city from the eyes of your story's protagonist.

2. Describe what the city means to you. You could talk about your childhood, or about how the city has shaped you into being who you are today.

3. Write a narrative which talks about all the different parts of the city, emphasizing more on the landmarks and on other famous attractions.

I would personally go with the story because that could potentially bring out newer perspectives which the reader might not get to read in any of the other essays on a similar topic.

Good luck!
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,666 2037  
Sep 30, 2018   #3
Tierra, the essay is specific about its requirements. While there is a general definition of a social landscape, that often includes the public attitude, majority social belief system (morals, values, behaviors), and community related activities that help to tie together the members of a community, your essay prompt focuses specifically on Memphis and its existing social landscape.

For the first page and a half of the research paper you will need to pick one of the 3 possible social landscapes for presentation. It might be easier for you to present a description of the emotional psychological or social landscape of Memphis since that is easier to observe and define. A simple trip to any public place where you can observe how people socialize will help you to describe the either the emotional psychological or social landscape of Memphis.

Regardless of which of the two topics you choose, an observation of how people interact in a social setting will fit the bill. Personally, I believe that the emotional psychological and social landscapes tie together or are related in research information so you can combine both for a better graded and more thoroughly researched paper.

The last page and half should address the social landscape situation that you want to better familiarize your reader with. Since Memphis is a highly diverse area, you may want to consider a social problem that connects with either multiculturalism or the need for diversity training in the area. That would be a true presentation of a social problem that connects socially with the people from Memphis and the social landscape of the area.

Remember, this is not a personal essay, this is a social science research paper as evidenced by the MLA formatting requirement for the presentation. You will need to do research and use facts, figures, interviews, and other first hand accounts of information in relation to the specific social landscape and problem that needs to be addressed in Memphis. .
datascienceboy1 1 / 4 4  
Sep 30, 2018   #4
@SimplyTierra, it seems that I missed out on the part that this could be a research paper. If that is the case, then do what @Holt says. Focus on the facts and figures which you obtain online, to describe the landscape of the city.
OP SimplyTierra 1 / 2  
Sep 30, 2018   #5
this isn't a research paper though, I have to write this on my thoughts . I can't look up anything/
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,666 2037  
Oct 1, 2018   #6
On the contrary, you are at least expected to read about the background of the topic you have been provided. Read about social landscapes and its various forms and understand what each aspect is all about. Once you understand what the concept is for every type, you will be able to create a writing concept for yourself that will best suit your personal understanding of the topic in relation to examples that you can use based on your personal experience, social observations, or researched information.

Within the 3 pages, you have to reflect the following:
1. A definition of the social landscape culture you will be discussing
2. Reasons why you feel this discussion is important
3. Examples that will help the reader further understand the concept you presented
4. Ideas as to how this social landscape situation can be addressed
5. Your personal experience in relation to the social landscape and how you resolved it for yourself
6. A concluding statement that reiterates the need for changes in this particular social landscape and what you hope the outcome will be in the end.

Even if you are not being given permission to use in-text citations or paraphrased data for the paper, the fact that it is MLA based means you are expected to read the material in relation to the topic. The paper formatting that you will be using is the MLA style of presentation. You can find samples of that on the web. The information to be contained in the paper though is what you need to learn about on your own.

We cannot start this paper for you. We can only make suggestions as to how to approach the essay. You are on your own with regards to that. Unfortunately, my hands are tied when it comes to helping you write this paper. Please refer to the notification I sent you for further details regarding this discussion.
OP SimplyTierra 1 / 2  
Oct 2, 2018   #7
what do you mean by characteristics residing ?

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