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Is it safe to post my essay here? Or should I be worried about Plagiarism?

issallme5 2 / 35  
Jan 1, 2011   #121
My link for the essay? I erased all my threads so it wouldn't happen anymore.
thkern 4 / 16  
Jan 1, 2011   #122
what do you try to imply?
issallme5 2 / 35  
Jan 1, 2011   #123
I'm not implying anything..
Mindy 2 / 4  
Jan 1, 2011   #124
I think with your name you should be protected from people stealing your essays
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 10, 2011   #125
Oh, I think what you mean is that you want to make sure you can still show that you were the original author. Was someone trying to steal your work? If you are having some problem like that you should tell me and I'll try to help.

But when your thread is deleted, it is completely gone. It does not exist anymore. I hope I did not accidentally delete something of yours! Your participation is always good, high quality contributions.
anuarbek95 7 / 17  
Feb 9, 2011   #126
question about this site

Hi, everybody.
I'm using this site since I've started my college application.
I've applied to 6 different universities, and almost all essays that I sent to them are here. Some are closed threads and some are not.

I want to know can the essay be considered as a plagiarized work when the college admission will read and check it ? Because I still have them in this site. Because when I used a program it showed me that all my essays are plagiarized. So, I think it's because of this posts.

Do I have to buy credits and delete them ? Or it's okay as long as my user name is the same as my real one ?

Thank you in advance
ioannidis007 2 / 5  
Feb 9, 2011   #127
That is actually an interesting question. I hope a moderator or Administrator has the answer. I believe that since your username and real name match you should be ok.
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Feb 9, 2011   #128
Or it's okay as long as my user name is the same as my real one ?

It was answered several times already, check the FAQs section. If you post under your real name and your essays are not copied from someone else, you should be perfectly fine.

joseph240 4 / 12  
Feb 28, 2011   #129
I think there is no reason why I have to copy.

Writing an essay is a skill that takes a long time so and if you copy an essay, you will not improve your writing skill.

Moreover, you may get a higher score because teacher cannot find you out but i believe all can do write an essay.
tonia 2 / 4  
Mar 12, 2011   #130
There is a question that puzzle me about how ETS define similarity about GRE AW

I learn that ETS has something like a searching machine to judge whether a student's composition is original and independent by comparing them with the samples in their database. If there are much similarities, then the composition will be defined as copying others, and have no scores.

But once I heard that a student who posted his essay on a Forum to let others give some feedback was even judged as copying, in fact, he just copy his own works. But it is probably because ETS has also put students' essays on different websites into their database, then if someone copy his own works, he might also be considered as copying. But it is really unfair.

Some people say that ETS don't record the writings from those special forum for practicing writing skills, so my problem is about this forum, if my composition in the exams is similar to what I posted here, will it be regarded as a copy?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 15, 2011   #131
This is a good question, Tong Gao. Many people have asked this question and similar questions. We have to be allowed to collaborate and use the Internet to practice together, so the administrators of the tests need to acclimate to this new paradigm. We are not going to stop using the Internet to collaborate and learn, so they need to develop their own technology so that they will not make such mistakes.

As for your concern, I want to mention that anything you post in this forum will appear next to your name, because the name you give when you register appears in every post. So, if anyone ever questions the originality of your writing you can just link them to this thread.

But I understand your concern about the exams. You have to just take your chances and do your best. I would not worry about it, but too often I do not worry about things I should worry about. Anyway, maybe if we practice enough together here we can become so skillful that our sentences will always ring with unique style and detail. :-)
allergic2ya - / 9  
Nov 23, 2011   #132
Worried about plagiarism check!

I recently submitted the near final draft of my essay to EssayForum. But because I was so paranoid of someone plagiarizing my ideas, I decided to delete my thread. But now I am freaking out. My thread is deleted (a good thing), but if I type in parts of my essay, it still shows up on Google. However, I cannot click on it. Basically, I'm worried that colleges will think I plagiarized my essay because they cannot access my name at the corner. How can I verify that my essay is my original work if the thread is deleted but its remnants still remain on the web?
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Nov 23, 2011   #133
However, I cannot click on it.

If you cannot click on it, nobody can. It's doubtful colleges would want to investigate it further. If they do, they may always contact us.
allergic2ya - / 9  
Nov 24, 2011   #134
I can click it actually, but it just says the essay is gone. Do you think they would throw out my application because using a plagiarism check, they see that my essay submitted is 98% like an essay deleted from this forum (which they cannot see is mine)? Also, if they asked for verification, would you be able to verify that I am the original author?
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Nov 24, 2011   #135
I can click it actually, but it just says the essay is gone.

The link itself will be automatically removed by Google.

Also, if they asked for verification, would you be able to verify that I am the original author?

They can always contact us and we can provide any information we have available.
bxlnt 1 / 5  
Nov 25, 2011   #136
The college can contact this forum.
orbits22 - / 10  
Dec 30, 2011   #137
Will colleges think we plagiarized off something?

Colleges have something that checks for plagiarism, just like turnitin.
If we posted our own essays on here, will colleges think we plagiarized off something?! (even though it was just our own essays).
please help, i don't want to pay 8 dollars to delete the essays.
rockbiter 1 / 16  
Dec 30, 2011   #138
In your profile, there is a blank for your name. I would recommend that you put your real name in it. This way, when colleges/profs/teachers do a search on your essay, they can see that it is connected with your name, as your name is displayed at the bottom of each post that you make.
TheLeader 2 / 36  
Dec 31, 2011   #139
To expand on what rockbiter said, I really think it's worth $8 (or less if you buy more credits) to delete your essay(s) if you're really paranoid about plagiarism from this site.
Jerlynn 3 / 26  
Dec 31, 2011   #140
But what if we pay the $8 and it's remove but we are plagiarized? Then we have no evidence that the work is ours? Does that make sense?
TheLeader 2 / 36  
Jan 1, 2012   #141
Good point, I've created another thread to ask about this as well!
danica2995 - / 4  
Dec 12, 2012   #142
Not comfortable posting my essay online... Should I be worried?

Basically just some correction in grammar and usage
However, I dont feel comfortable posting it online so it would be wonderful if you could give me your emails and I would send it privately?

Thanks alot
Sonalg13 1 / 4  
Dec 16, 2012   #143
Hey danica2995,

I think you should be comfortable posting it here. You should be so confident of your essay that you should want to show it off to he world!

I am sure posting it here will do no harm and you will find lots of help in terms of corrections/additions/deletions!

Just suggesting! Ultimately its you wish!

NOPE - / 4  
Dec 16, 2012   #144
How do I post an essay?

How do I post an essay without everyone being able to copy and paste it? If I don't know if its safe then I won't post anything
lulwut 5 / 26 1  
Dec 16, 2012   #145
Read the information on the website. If you use your real name then the website will protect you from plagiarism. Don't post anything if it's just a simple question like this.
NOPE - / 4  
Dec 16, 2012   #146
But what if someone takes my essays and uses them anyway and no one is able to check for it?
lulwut 5 / 26 1  
Dec 16, 2012   #147
Make a new account with your real name and if you don't feel like it's safe, then don't post an essay. There's nothing else you can do.
NOPE - / 4  
Dec 16, 2012   #148
How do I find how the website protects me from plagarism?
lulwut 5 / 26 1  
Dec 16, 2012   #149
Could a moderator please close this thread?
New1234 2 / 20 4  
Dec 29, 2012   #150
Can someone steal my essay ! !

Hi All,
I am new here and i am very worried if i posted my essay in this forum that the university i am applying for will search for my essay in google and think that i have coppied it from this forum, this will then unqualify me for the university.

Hope to know from ur experiences
Rosekareen 5 / 22 2  
Dec 29, 2012   #152
The same, I don't think someone can steal your essay, because is not suitable for any of us.
Don't worry we're here to help others not to steal them.
New1234 2 / 20 4  
Dec 29, 2012   #153
Thank you all,
I didn't mean that ur going to steal my essay.
I know that many universities check for websites to see if there is an essay simillar to the submitted one.
so if they find that my essay is in this site they will think that i have stolen it...
ayekaytea - / 2  
Feb 4, 2013   #154
If i deleted an essay?

I deleted an essay i posted yesterday, would it could as plagiarism from the college im going to apply too if they google search it? Please help im nervous now.
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Sep 29, 2013   #155
In response to this question:

"I have written two essays and would like a review. My question is how can I keep others from taking my entire essay and using it as their own if anyone on the internet can see it? I don't mind others seeing my essay after I start college (ensuring someone doesn't take my essay and submit it before I do)."

In simple terms:

1. You post your essay under YOUR OWN name (the one found in your profile).

2. The essay is indexed in search engines within several minutes to make sure it shows your name and the publication date.

3. Now - EVEN IF - someone copies your essay, they cannot claim they were the authors because the essay had already been published under your name and in the past date. Of course, it only applies to content that has never been published before (ie. you are not allowed to copy an existing essay/content from another site and post it here).

It works the same in other online publications; you may copy-paste an article from the New York Times but if you tried to claim authorship, you would not be able to prove it (and you would be put in jail for theft ; ).

Liyuan 2 / 7 1  
Dec 16, 2013   #156
New to this site and worried about plagiarism


I came across this site while googling about a Umichigan essay prompt. Really fantastic site. I felt I needed writing help for very long but as I have left school for two years now, I can't look for someone expert enough to give me advice, particularly with present perfect tense.

Anyway, I've briefly looked through the FAQ section. I am still confused with how this site works in regard to preventing plagiarism. From what I've seen people post their essays here for everyone to see, so what if people decide to plagiarize off their essays? I know that it is easy to stop outright copy and paste theft but what if people take the core idea in the essay to write their own essay? Even if that does not hurt my chances of being admitted I would not like it.

Petso 1 / 2  
Apr 19, 2014   #157
Would I be considered plagiarizing if using this site?

I'm concerned that if I use this site to help on my essays that colleges would detect it as plagiarism. They may view the thread I asked help on and even think I just copy and pasted the entire essay (even if I wrote it). Is it okay if I use this site?
am291x 2 / 9  
Dec 21, 2014   #158
UChicago Supplement#2. (Why Uni X)

So firstly I'm new here. I'm going to try my best to help everyone, and I've already begun doing that.

Now I need someone to proofread my UChicago essay, I really require help. However I am unable to share it here for fear of it being copied and also giving a negative result at copyscape etc.

can anyone please take the intiative and provide me with their email so that I can add you at google docs in order to proofread the essay.

I Hope the moderators understand my concern.

Opuntia - / 11 3  
Dec 21, 2014   #159
You shouldn't worry about plagiarism much. Check for example this discussion:
lynn1997h 3 / 37 4  
Jan 15, 2015   #160
Is my essay being plagiarized if it is on here?

since posting my essay on the essayforum website, i have found that googling the first two sentences on one of my essays that i posted on here is on other websites.

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